The summer season is becoming hotter and hotter. Because of the hot weather, the kids can't able to go outing be afraid of heat stroke. So, the swim becomes the best choice of the playing.

Swimming can not only relieve the heat, but also enhance the body's coordination and muscle strength. Besides, the family are more fun when playing at the water's edge. Also, swimming has a lot of benefits for the kids growing up. You can take knowledge of the benefits as follow:

  1. Swimming is a complex action that completed under the control of the brain, so that in the process of swimming will improve the brain's function, manifested as the brain's ability to respond to the external environment fast and good for intelligence development.
  2. The Kids swim a lot can develop the heart muscle, strong the metabolism, the heartbeat is slower and powerful than the same age child, so that it is prepared the condition for bearing the bigger physical load.
  3. When the kids swim a lot, the function of the respiratory system has also been improved, manifested as large lung capacity, long time gas.
  4. Regular swimming can consume too much fat, use all parts of the body's muscles, so that the kids have a good shape and bodybuilding.
  5. Most important of the kids swimming, regular swimming can also improve children's ability to resist cold and disease.

That is to say, kids' swimming is a cool activities, and is good for their health and mental as well as build a good relationship with parents in this hot summer season.

The more advantage of swimming, the more you want to take action with your kids. Dacoz has list the newest of the swim gear in 2018. You should prepare the swim gear as follows before go to swim.

1. Swimwear

Swimwear is the first necessities for the swim. These two of adorable and sweet kids swimwear picked from Peggybuy, which is a women and kids apparel, shoes, toys online store.

Baby Girls Split Swimwear Children Sleeveless Beach Swimsuit 2PCS Holiday Bathing Suit Fashion Kids Halter Tops Stripe Culottes - $12.90

Children Sleeveless Beach Swimsuit 2PCS Holiday Bathing Suit

Baby Girl Clothes Girls One-Piece Swimwear Suits Sweet Hearts Frint Beachwear Bohemian Romper Bathing Suit Beach Suit for 0-18M - $12.90

Girls One-Piece Swimwear Suits Sweet Hearts Frint

2. Swim Ring

Dacoz found the swim ring from Gearbest, online department store.

Lightweight Kid Boat Swim Ring Seat Toy - MULTI - $11.99, 4% off

With this cute swim ring seat, your kids can swim freely and happily. Contract design with high-quality PVC material, features lightweight and strong buoyant force. Thick edges also ensure that your kids can float on the water stably. Creative boat shape will attract baby to it and encourage your baby to play in the water. Swim with this seat will bring many benefits to your baby.

Lightweight Kid Boat Swim Ring Seat Toy

These two cute of swim ring from Firstcry, India baby products online shop.

Intex Lion Shape Inflatable Swim Ring - Multi Color - 402.96, 60% off

Kids will fall in love with this cheerful shape animal ring. Perfect for pool. Your little animal will love their Big animal swim ring! A superb item to help introduce babies to the water as safely and securely as possible.

Intex Lion Shape Inflatable Swim Ring, Multi Color

Intex Alligator Inflatable Swimming Tube - Blue Green - RS.419.58, 58% off

If your children likes Alligator or Alligator toy, it is a good choice buy Intex Alligator Inflatable Swimming Tube. Grab this unique Alligator shaped swimming tube and let your little one's enjoy truly this summer season! Made of premium grade non toxic material, this swimming ring is perfectly safe for children. Now get in the pool with this amazing swimming ring for some splashing fun!

Intex Alligator Inflatable Swimming Tube - Blue Green

3. Swim Goggles

Swim Goggles protect kids' eye from the deeper water. We just discovered the safe swim goggles from big online store Ebay. They are both the best selling swim goggles on Ebay.

Swimming Goggles for Kids by Goggle Pets; 100% Silicone Straps, Premium - Rs. 2,389.00

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Swimming Goggles for Kids, 100% Silicone Straps

Aguaphile Kids Swim Goggles With Cute Cartoon Tops - Soft and Comfortable - Rs. 2,957.00

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Aguaphile Kids Swim Goggles With Cute Cartoon Tops

4. Swim Cap

Swim Cap is important to protect the hair become wet. We brought the swim cap from Aliexpress. A most popular and widely known by everyone in China. Cartoon Spiderman must appeal your kids interests.

Hot Silicone Children Elastic Cartoon Spiderman Printed Swimming Cap Red/Blue Sports Pool Cute Swim Hat for Kids/Boys/Babys - $2.98

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Hot Silicone Children Elastic Cartoon Spiderman Printed Swimming Cap, Red / Blue

5. Bath Towel

The last one of swim essential is bath towel. End of swim, as the temperature in the water is different from the shore. Bath towel can wipe up the water and protect the kids from disease. We also got them from Aliexpress for the high quality.

Beach Towel 60x120cm Cartoon Kids Colors Baby Hooded Poncho Character kids bath robe towel Toallas Playa Serviette De Bain - $8.03, 22% off

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Baby Hooded Poncho Character Kids Bath Robe Towel

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        Spring Animal Hooded Bath Towel for Boys & Girls

        Summer children learn to swim is interesting, but should take care of the safety and something else.

        1. Safety first. There must be a swimming instructor or a parent or teacher who can swim to provide protection. There must be a step-by-step learning plan that suits the child's characteristics so that the child will become interested in swimming so as to promote the purpose of exercise.
        2. Prepare activities. Before into the water, Children must be ready before going into the water. Such as activity activities limbs, imitate some swimming movements, wipe with cold water in order to adapt to the temperature of the water.
        3. Not long time. The time in the water should not be too long. Once you find that the child is uncomfortable, you must take the child ashore immediately to avoid accidents.

        The kids are all the most important part of parents heart. Each parents try their best

        accompany their child growth. They hope their kids health and happy. So, in this summer hot day, just choose go outing swim with your loved son or daughter. Get ready for learning swimming with these swim gear.