Do you want to travel? Do you want to save money in traveling? Dacoz will offer the latest discounts in traveling to you. At the beginning, you are recommended to see five attractive places of the United States.

1. South Carolina Charleston

Charleston is known for its sunshine, beaches, history, delicious food and friendly people. As is known to us, Charleston has magnificent and beautiful sceneries so that the visitors break into exclamations of wonder when they come to Charleston. At the same time, Charleston is an elegant and beautiful city. Many tourists are attracted by the nearby beaches and impressive architectures so that they don't want to go home. In addition, the local accommodation, food and shopping centers also make the travelers don't want to leave. Do you want to feel the sunshine on the beach? Charleston is the best place. At Charleston, You will feel many impressive sceneries if you come to Charleston. Charleston is waiting for you.

Charleston, SC

2. California San Francisco

It is well known that San Francisco is the most popular city of Americans.

As a cultural city, San Francisco has magnificent art museum, opera house, delicious food, symphony and beautiful community. Meanwhile, San Francisco has subtropical Mediterranean climate, so San Francisco is cool and sunny. What’s more, San Francisco has the world-famous San Francisco Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf. In addition, San Francisco is close to many national parks such as Yosemite National Park and California Napa Valley. All the attractions of the San Francisco are beckoning for you.

California Napa Valley

3. Hawaii Honolulu

Countless beaches and golden sunshine attract more and more people to come Honolulu. As you know, Honolulu has pleasant climate, beautiful seascape and rich marine product, hospitable people. In addition, Local people's friendliness and hospitality are the main attractions of Honolulu, Above all, the beautiful seascape and fresh seafood of Honolulu are the best all over the world. Do you want to see the beautiful seascape and taste the most fresh seafood? You will be welcomed by the local hospitable people and you will receive the full treatment.

Hawaii Honolulu

4. Illinois Chicago

Chicago is a special city which is full of beautiful architectures and delicious foods. These restaurants, skyscrapers, museums, and the waterfront buildings make Chicago more and more beautiful and attractive. Do you remember the movie Transformers, which is full of skyscrapers in the city? Do you know that is Chicago? You can come to Chicago to feel the art of American architectures. You'll never regret to come Chicago. Do you want to feel the art of American architectures? Chicago is your best choice.

Chicago, Illinois

5. New Mexico Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a magic city and it is a paradise to relax your heart. Santa Fe has a warm atmosphere, beautiful architectures, delicious food, open-air places and the galleries, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries all the day at the galleries. It’s time to relax your heart and enjoy the life. Come to Santa Fe and feel the magic city!

New Mexico Santa Fe

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