Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians, but non-religious people often mark the day, too. Religiously, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Non-religious celebrations include things like brunches, family get-togethers, and activities like painting eggs. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating Easter, there are many things you can do to commemorate the day.

Making Easter Fun for Kids

1. Provide Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are an important Easter tradition. Young children love waking up to a basket filled with Easter goods. You can buy baskets at department stores around the holidays. Fill them with small treats like candy and tiny toys. If you don't have any good idea of where to buy the Easter baskets or you just don't want to drive a long time to the department stores, never mind, you just need to read this post, and then select one of or several of web stores to make your kids happy on Easter.

First one, Gifts.com, this website provides Personalized Easter Baskets like Easter Gifts For Kids, Easter Gifts For Babies, Easter Gifts For Teens, Easter Gifts For Adults. Click your mouse and you can easily find what you want for Easter gifts. What's more, Gifts.com's gifting experts have put together a colorful assortment of Easter Gifts. From gourmet treats, festive decor to the popular personalized Easter baskets. Kids will love these colorful and playful baskets embroidered with their names on them. Gifts.com's Easter home decor will heighten the anticipation of the Easter bunny's arrival with goodies galore. Find Easter serving platters, door mats, welcome signs and more. Hop to it and order your loved ones an Easter gift today!

Easter Baskets from Gifts.com

Second, Harry & David. Also, this website offers Easter Gift Baskets & Towers, besides, there are Easter Chocolates, Easter Desserts, Easter Pears & Fruit, Easter Flowers & Plants, Easter Dinner, Easter Clubs. Sounds great, isn't it? Easter is a time of family fun, and Happy Easter Family Gift delivers it by the crateful. Purchase it to make both you and your children happy.

Easter Baskets from Harry & David

When you kids get Easter Baskets, make sure their baskets fill with something like eggs(if you're religious), snacks, or you can put some toys into the baskets instead of food. Come Ty Games and buy different kinds of toys to your Easter Baskets.

2. Bunnies Cookie Bouquet

The Easter bunny is an exciting part of Easter for children. Make baked goods shaped like bunnies. This can be a fun way for kids to get excited about the holiday. Presenting Cookies by Design's cute and cuddly Patchwork Bunnies cookie BouTray. These precious white bunnies, each hand-decorated with colorful patchwork ears, are a fun and delicious way to send Happy Easter wishes.

Patchwork Bunnies cookie BouTray

3. DIY with Your Kids

Children often enjoy DIY for the holidays. Invest in small decorations at a local department store or even a dollar store. You can also look for craft tutorials online. Your kids may, for example, enjoy using construction paper or felt to make things like chicks and bunnies. Go to Paper Source, there is an Easter Collection, choose your kids' favorite such as Light Up Chicks, Surprise Bunnies, or Iridescent Stone Egg, and then let your kids do it their selves like that.

Easter Baskets from Papersource.com

4. Paint Eggs

You can buy an egg painting kit at Paper Source.com around the Easter months. Hard Iridescent Stone Egg and let your children have fun decorating them for the Easter holidays. Add a little lustrous flair to your Easter decor with these charming stone eggs. Each iridescent egg comes in its own unique size and shape.

Paint Eggs

Due to this is painting, so make sure your kids wear old clothing when decorating eggs. It can get very messy. The activity helps your kids show the painting talent. You must really want to know what exactly like after painting, look at this one from worldmarket.com.

Painting Eggs from worldmarket.com

Visit worldmarket.com, you can find some other DIY ways: How To Make An Easter Wreath, DIY Easter Decor, Easter Brunch Recipes, Bunny Napkin How – to.

Celebrating with Religion

Easter is not just a holiday. There is a Holy Week which leads up to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Pay attention to the significance of different days of Easter weekend, buy a Personalized Religious Gifts is a good idea. thingsremembered.com's Childrens Cross Keepsake Box is a special place to keep their first religious jewelry. Engrave it with their name and the date of their baptism.

Childrens Cross Keepsake Box

Need something else religious item to celebrate the holy holiday? Child's Jesus or Joseph Boy Costume may cater for you. If your child is playing the lead in the next church Christmas play, he'll definitely look the part when dressed in the Child's Jesus Boy Costume. Costumediscounters.com has a variety of costume for Easter. You can role play not just Joseph.

Child's Jesus or Joseph Boy Costume

Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the most important day of the year for Christians and non – religious people, have you got any good ideas to celebrate this holy holiday? If not, you may as well accept my recommendations.