Are you a pet fan? Do you have a pet? Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird and Horse etc?
So, what do you consider about your pet? Food, Clothing, Toys and Beds?
How many things will you think about on your pets?

Don't worry, just make it an easy thing from pet apparel. As dog is the most representative pet in the society. Now, Dacoz picked out dog apparel in particularly.

Choosing the right clothing, shoes and accessories for different occasions can be a challenge. But, understanding the current trends in pet apparel can help you be sure your pet is always safe, comfortable and stylish.

Here are some most necessary and fashionable apparel based on different occasions, different climates. All are essential and fashionable. Besides, making choose right dog apparel so simple.

Choosing the right apparel for your dog as follows.


Petco is so famous for pet lovers. In fact, Petco is a leading pet retail store. Providing the products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

Today, Dacoz search for the Valentine's Day gift for lovely dog. Moreover, you can use Promotion Codes for the product on Petco.

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, dog around you is must your lover, so the Petco Dog dress is your best choice without any doubt.

Love My Pup Be Mine Valentine's Day Dog Dress

The dog dress with a dazzling blend mix of gilded ribbon, lightweight red, white satin and red sheer, heart print fabrics is a delightful way to include your pup in Valentine's Day fun. 50% off price for it, as cheap as $9.99.

Love My Pup Be Mine Valentine's Day Dog Dress

Love My Pup Lovestruck Heart Dog Headband

Dog Headband wrapped in ultra-soft red plush with two plush, glittering heart-tipped antennae is so cute on Valentine's Day. The size with small, medium, large and X-large, you can choose depends on your dog's head circumference.

Love My Pup Lovestruck Heart Dog Headband


Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, behind the success is a group of hardworking folks with a deep-rooted passion for pets and a penchant for being spectacular at everything they do. Just believe the team, believe Chewy.

Two especially dress and T-Shirt found from Chewy.

1. Rubie's Costume Company Holiday Dog Dress

Dacoz recommended main reason:

  • Quick and easy way to allow four-legged family members to join in on the festivities of the holiday season.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to include almost every breed in the holiday fun, from Chihuahuas to Collies.
  • Gives dogs some added warmth on cold days, while also being lightweight enough to wear for indoor functions.
  • Designed to be easy to get on and off in a flash, thanks to durable and adaptable one-piece construction.
  • Ruffled bottom and perky bow makes this a perfect outfit for including dogs in Christmas parties or photos.
  • 65% off now, spend $8.10 to own it.

Rubie's Costume Company Holiday Dog Dress

2. Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt

100% cotton with the words "I Love My Mommy" embroidered on the back is so special and warmly. Pink and Grey color benefit for both boy and girl dogs.

Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt

Entirely Pets

EntirelyPets is a privately held online pet supplies company, which sells non-prescription pet medications, as well as other pet products such as pet toys, pet treats, and cleaning supplies.

In EntirelyPets buy the Sweater and Jacket is so Cost-effective, all 25% or 24% now. For more deals & promotions, please visit Entirely Pets Promo Codes page.

Zack & Zoey Aberdeen Sweater

Perfect for keeping short-haired dogs warm, with a stylish faux-leather paw on the back must make your pup eye-catching.

Zack & Zoey Aberdeen Sweater

Casual Canine North Pole Pals Hoodie Penguin

Perfect way to dress up your pooch for the winter. The fun and friendly little penguin graphic on the back gives your dog some pizzazz, while the blue hoodie is both versatile and functional.

Casual Canine North Pole Pals Hoodie Penguin

Zack & Zoey Trek Puffy Jacket - Red

Great for active dogs, can retain body warmth.

Athletic Pets

Pet store of sports gear for dogs and cats including dog id tags, dog collars, dog leashes, bandanas, toys, jerseys, t-shirts and more and ship Internationally.

If you like athletic, maybe you like dress up your dog with athletic jersey apparel. As the saying says "Love me, love my dog".

Chicago Blackhawks Dog Jersey

The ONLY jersey on the market that looks like a hockey jersey and not like a football jersey. The Blackhawks team logo is included on the back. Available in 8 sizes from Tiny to XX-Large!

Chicago Blackhawks Dog Jersey

Arizona Wildcats Dog Jersey

Screen printed team logo on the back and comes in team colors. Also have the B, C logo on the back, you can choose.

Arizona Wildcats Dog Jersey

Detroit Red Wings Dog Jersey

Red Wings team logo is included on the back. Just help your dog run Quickly.

Detroit Red Wings Dog Jersey

Different pet owners with different attitude on pet apparel. After all, they are all love their pets. They take time and energy to find right apparel to let the dog comfortable, warmly, stylish, beautiful. To treat them as the member of the family.

Dacoz believe that when you take responsibility for your dog and treat them friendly, at the same time, the dog will give the greatest return, because they own the the noblest character in the world: Loyalty.