When you do something for a long time or keep working without rest, you must feel tired and even want to get away from these dull and boring things. This situation called career stress or work stress. Well, how to solve this problem and make yourself energetic? Stop doing your work, let all work alone for a while, do something other than work. You must know, there are a lot of meaningful things you can do except working.

The most effective activity of reducing your work pressure is travelling, I think. At the same time, before you set out on a long vacation, you should do something to ensure your travelling more comfortable and perfect. Such as choose a right destination for your vacation, select a economic route (self-driving, by bus, by train, by air or something else...), book a comfortable and affordable hotel, buy some must-have equipment for travelling (like camera, mobile phone, sunglasses…). All in all, if you want to have a good vacation and enjoy yourself during travelling, you should deal with these things properly.

Firstly, at this article, I will introduce you a website about booking hotel and other activities - Holidayme. This website offers over 300,000 hotels and over 8,000 activities to choose from. Most importantly, It also has airport pick up and drop facility across 300 cities globally. Maybe you want to ask why book with Holidayme, are there any superiority to compare with other similar website? Definitely, yes! The advantage of Holidayme are as follow:

  • Customizable holidays: you can plan your travel the way you want.
  • Trustworthy travel partner: 8.5 rating on TrustPilot and 1.4 million+ happy customers (that is to say, Holidayme can ensure your air travelling very safety, there is no potential danger)
  • Transparent pricing: Holidayme guarantees the best prices for flights, hotels & holidays-what you see is what you get.(in a word, choose this website, you can save a lot of money and time)
  • Easy payment options: you can use Visa, Mastercard, AL Ansari Exchange, Sadad, and more such payment options that make your booking procedure a breeze!


The main thing is that if you are interested in Mid East for your vacation, this website is the first choice for you. There is no doubt that Mid East's natural views are spectacular. When it comes to Mid East, the first place you think must be Dubai. Exactly, Dubai is famous for itself charming. It is a populous city with ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and active nightlife scene. Dubai city is known for its warm hospitality, as the Emirati people in Dubai are welcoming, friendly and generous toward their approach to visitors. The rich cultural heritage of the city is what makes Dubai extremely fascinating place to explore.

So if you are in Dubai now, why don't click Holidayme.com to solve your accommodation. You will find a range of self-catered apartments, best hotels and resorts which will leave you delighted and dazzled in Dubai.

Besides Dubai, there are some other destination you worth visiting, like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Manama, Al Ain... All these places can give you an amazing landscape of Mid East. Go to Mid East, to feel exotic customs.

Rental Car

Do you feel that it is not convenient when you travelling in a sparsely populated city, you must waste lots of time to go one place to another. Alternatively, there is a good idea to solve this problem – rental a car when you are travelling in a big city(for example, Saudi Arabia) which has not convenient traffic vehicle. Download an rental car app is very necessary for you if you are travelling to a remote country. Rentalcars.com, which can help you to rental a right car, and bring you a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish. Making sure you have a great experience every time during vacation - enjoy your vacation and get more freedom!

While you are using Rentalcars app, you should know the Popular Car Hire Locations: Cities. Of course, this app is a worldwide rental car service app, but the most popular cities are Europe and North America and Asia. Here you can find Los Angeles car hire, Bangkok car hire, Prague car hire, San Francisco car hire, Phuket car hire, Frankfurt car hire, Dubai car hire, London car hire, Paris car hire, Melbourne car hire, Keflavik car hire, Chiang Mai car hire.

Meanwhile, as the world's biggest online car rental service, Rentalcars won't be beaten on price. They work with every major car hire company in the world, negotiating preferential prices that are only available to Rentalcars.com customers. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the hiring prices.

To make sure your vacation more wonderful is not easy thing, now that you decided to go travelling outside, why not make full preparation for you travelling? Also, except booking the hotel, rental car, there must be other things you have to think about of your travelling. Never mind, all you want to do is to have a good time on a vacation. Thus, just go ahead and all thing will be fine!