As far as we can see, Clarins, European care of high-end beauty. Clarins was born in 1954 from the passion of a man, Jacques Courtin-Clarins; from a pioneering idea, take Beauty seriously; the design of face and body care methods in the Institute; the creation of high-end products made from plant extracts. More than a brand, Clarins is an exceptional family success story. At Clarins, they not only conceive of unique care from generation to generation, they pass on the passion for beauty and they dedicate his life to it. What about you? Do you love Clarins products? Let’s explore the universe of Clarins from now on!

Pore Control

Do you dream of a perfect skin whose tight grain makes the pores almost invisible, even very closely? Bet held with this expert serum. As soon as it is applied, its evanescent texture with a blooming effect blurs the pores and reveals a unified, velvety and radiant skin. Day after day, her plant assets help to reduce the appearance of visible pores and refine skin texture to reveal the most beautiful bare skin, yours.

Body Fit

The only anti-cellulite skincare that targets and coaches the three types of fat cells responsible for cellulite for a reinforced and more innovative slimming action. Its gel-cream texture gives an intense sensation of freshness and lightness, firming and regalbe by its lifting effect, leaves the skin soft and velvety.

Double Serum  

For the first time, an anti-aging serum decodes the language of youth! Discover the only * moisturizing and rich lipidic phase rich in [20 + 1] herbal extracts stimulating the 5 vital functions of the skin. A new, universal and bio-inspired double formula: this treatment combines turmeric concentrate with turmérone, 20 of the most powerful herbal extracts for anti-aging. The signs of aging are visibly reduced, the skin regains its radiance and tone.

Multi-Active Jour Toutes peaux

Intense days, frantic pace ... Fatigue is on your face. With its technology inspired by the latest scientific advances and its herbal composition, this unique anti-aging treatment attenuates the first wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and gives a new radiance to the complexion. Time after time, this new generation face cream revitalizes your skin and reveals all its youth! Today and tomorrow, your skin is hydrated and protected.

Multi-Intensive Supra Sérum Lift-Remodelant

This new anti-aging skincare enhances the features, redensifies the skin, reshapes and redefines the contours and oval of the face, while reducing the appearance of spots.

Extra-Firming Nuit Crème régénérante anti-rides toutes peaux

Your Multi-Regenerating range becomes Extra-Firming. The perfect night care to visibly firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep. The skin is visibly firm, like regenerated. When you wake up, it appears smoother and more uniform. Clarins anti-pollution complex.

With Clarins, women are certain to find the beauty routine that really suits them in a rich range. Because each skin is different, Clarins offers you all the combinations of textures to choose according to your age, your skin type, your desire or simply according to the seasons.

Because our products are our best ambassadors, Clarins offers to test them. What is your skin type? What are the needs of your skin? Which texture is best for you? Most Clarins products are available in samples: test them!