Yes, that's true! August is here, that signifies not only the slow end of summer, it also means that the Back – to – School Season is just coming. That is to say, the second biggest shopping season is here. Well, when do you start your back to school shopping? What is the shopping list for your back to school supplies? If you are thinking about it, please relax! we've put together some content ideas for Back To School you can use to make the most of it. Either way, if you want to your kids back to school with the right stuff, the first thing you should clearly is that how old is your kids, which stuff is really suit for him or her in school.


Sending your child off to preschool or kindergarten which can be an emotional time for both you and your kid. Anyway, you have to prepare something for kindergarten day. Like some Art Supplies including:

Crayons – almost teachers in the kindergarten will start to teach kids how to painting, and a box of triangular or jumbo crayons can be easier for small hands to hold, but many teachers may prefer a set of 8, 16, or 24 crayons in standard colors. This Deli 72079 Oil Pastel Crayon 12PCS - COLORMIX 2 for Children comes from GearBest which has main features: Triangle crayon pole; 12 colors to meet the creative needs of children; With the pen grip, not easy to be broken; Bright color, not easy to fade; Suitable for children.


Colored pencils - In addition to crayons, some teachers may request colored pencils for fun rainbow writing, tracing, or coloring. Parents need to buy colored pencil for your kids. GearBest's 72 Colored Pencil Set can cater for your request. It is mainly used for drawing and coloring graffiti for children. Most importantly, it is made of environmental material which is harmless to your kids' health, and the strong tip prevents breaking, ensuring a longer life for your pencil.

Colored pencils

Erasers – this vivid erasers (click colorful colors with all kinds of creative shape like hamburger, ice cream, potato chips. Your kids must be love it. Please note: because of the food shape, you should take care of your kids in case they eat it as a real food.

Erasers with Food Shape

Pencil sharpener -- A small, portable pencil sharpener can be handy for keeping writing utensils sharp so letters remain clear on paper. For home, consider an electric one (used with adult supervision) for added convenience. Deli Cartoon Little Girl / Boy Style Manual Pencil Sharpener from GearBest's, which is cute and durable cartoon picture, the helicopter body sharpener adopts ABS material, the alloy steel cutter, save strength to sharpen. Furthermore, it can only be used to sharped common pencil cores. Do not use it for sharpening soft pens, and anti-slip handle design which is convenient and not easy to slip while shaking the handle.

Pencil sharpener

Lunchbox or bag - Kids in pre-K may not need a backpack yet, but once your child starts kindergarten, invest in one for carrying items like a lunch box, water bottle, show-and-tell objects, and homework. Kids Children Insulated Lunch Bag Box And Drink Sport Water Bottle Set from eBay which is fully thermal insulated to keep food cool and fresh for longer and has a food safe lining inside that's easy to clean after use. It has a padded handle that's comfortable to carry and a zip closure that allows the lid to open fully to access the contents. There are some many types and colors you can choose.

Lunch Box

Elementary School

After kindergarten, you should think about what do you prepare for your kids in primary school. Actually, at the 1-3 grades of elementary school, pencil box, crayons, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, lunchbox or bag are also needed. But at grades 4-5, something will be changed, a Digit Desktop Calculator can be very necessary for this level. A lovely pink color calculator can help your children's interest in study. Please visit for more details.

Digit Desktop Calculator

School Bags – the higher grades, the more things need to organized. At 4-5 grades, there might be more study utensils. A convenient school bag is very helpful. Welcome to eBay and buy the Trolley Bags which can be removed easily and quickly. You needn't worry about your kids' health about carrying so much heavy utensils.

School Bags

Middle School & High School

If your children are middle school or high school students, congratulations, you can worry less about what to buy before back to school than primary school and kindergarten. Because they can do most of things by themselves. That means, they are more independent in daily life and learning aspect. But you should also mind or take your child to buy something.

Maybe your child like playing basketball or any other sports activities, so a pair of sports shoes is indispensable. Foot Locker UK's Nike Air Force 1 Low - Men Shoes - The sporty design alone makes the Air Force essential for you. Durable leather upper, perforated toe box and an optimal cushioned air sole give you comfortable running comfort and a distinctive style! Wear it during your training or in your free time, with sweatpants or jeans; the Air Force will always fit - guaranteed!

Nike Air Force 1 Low - Men Shoes, White Color

Foot Locker UK offers a wide variety of sports wear that are very fit for school students, besides sports shoes, there are Jackets, Vests, Leggings and so on.


When your children are college student, you really needn't take care of them not only their daily life, but also their study. The just need to do one thing – give them money, that ok! At college, a laptop can very important to your study and your entertaining of your college life. You may be thinking about what brands laptop you should buy at this time. let me give you a favor – Lenovo. This brand is the college student's first choice. they have first-class experience, with smaller footprints and epic battery life make X Series the business traveler's trusted companion. Their craftsmanship, versatility and robust security features ensure they're every professional's preference. To sum up, this brand is worth buying with reasonable price and high quality.


Back to school marketing plans are starting right now. Back to school shopping will kick off in July, and marketers will need to be ready to address the latest back to school trends. There are a lot of deals in different physical and online stores, grab the chance and enjoy big save!