Spring means all living creature becomes recover. All things wake up include bacterial. Bacterial will infection disease on people or pets. We should take methods to prevent and wipe out it. Before we solve disease we should take knowledge of some disease and the way of disease transmission.

Pets Spring disease transmission way

1. Air Infection

In spring, the wind is large, so there is often be a weather that with some sand around it. Although the excrement of pets becomes more dry after a winter weather, the infectious diseases, parasites, and parvoviruses still have infectious power within a year. The wind will scrape the animal's excrement very far, that will increase the range of infected animals.

2. Direct contact with infection

The spring diseases is often respiratory problem, mainly contact between animals. Especially the puppies, they will lick each other. This is the most direct route of infection.

3. Indirect contact with infection

Pets don't have direct contact. Diseases are transmitted by people. For example, some people touch the pet of friends or relatives each other, and finally touch the pet of themselves. Especially children pay no attention to health. The people's hand becomes the most direct route of transmission.

Pets Common Diseases And Prevention In Spring

1. Cough

There are two kinds of cough, one is for the cold air stimulates the nasal mucosa so that causing the animal cough. This cough is not viral just caused by air drying. Generally, you can put a humidifier in your home to keep the moisture in the air or use some amoxicillin. The other type is infectious rhinotracheitis, which is often accompanied by a runny nose and needs treatment in an animal hospital. If an animal coughs only at night, it may be caused by a large temperature change during the night. Just pay attention to nighttime warmth.

2. Vomiting

Pets vomiting maybe be caused a parvovirus. However, if you suspect it's a parvovirus, you need to go to a pet hospital for treatment.

3. Allergy

Between the turn of spring and summer, all kinds of plants in the wild grow and blossom. Some pets allergic to pollen and grass seeds will have symptoms of skin allergies. Pets often scratch or stick their belly on the floor or on furniture as they can't stand itching.

When you find that a pet has such symptoms, you must bring it to the pet hospital immediately because it can cause skin infections if it is allowed to scratch for a long time. During the treatment, pets can be given injections of anti-allergy injections and anti-allergic pills.

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