Children’s Day is celebrated on different days in many places around the world. While the International Day for Protection of Children is observed in many countries as Children's Day on 1 June since 1950. See the calendar, the big day for children is around the corner. As all of you may know, Children’s Day is a day to honor children. So how to celebrate Children’s Day? How to make your children happy on this day? Let me tell you as follow:
Firstly, take your children go where they want to go. That is to say, family travel is a good idea that your lovely girls or boys will very expect if they like travelling. Well, what destination should you go is another question if you choose to celebrate the Children’s Day on travelling. Go SmartFares and find the best answer. SmartFares is a travelling APP and you can find the lowest flights, cars, cruises tickets, hotels services prices. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to travel alone, and there is no can accompany you. SmartFares can offer groups services. Well, let’s back to the point, Children’s Day, if you want to take your children outside and you don’t have any plan. SmartFares must be your best choice. It offers family travel with an affordable price. You don’t need to wrong about the ticket and hotel problem. SmartFares will design for you before you set off.

Second, go to picnic with your children. Celebrate this special day with your kids with juice, sandwiches, a blanket and a good old fashion picnic basket at the park. Everybody loves picnics but children’s day picnics are all about family and spending time with your kids. All the stuff for picnic you can buy at Walmart, one of the biggest department stores.

Third, Disney Party. Almost every kid likes Disney characters. Elena, Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White… All of these characters are kids favorite. so planning a Disney themed party on children’s day will make your kids’ party special and fun. Make sure you get costumes and decorations themed like Disney characters and maybe even screen some Disney favourites.

Fourth, play games with your kids. We must admit play games so frequently may not a good habit. But on this special day for children, play games with your kids may become an forget day in your kids memories. If you don’t know children’s games at all, GameStop, Big Fish Games can help you to know different games very specific.

Fifth, DIY with your kids. I think it is the best way to improve close relationship between you and your kids. Do something yourselves, and inspire your children to learn about the world. Kids in their childhood have creative imagination. Thus, develop your kids’ creative habit in daily life is very important to their future learning and working. If you don’t have any idea about the DIY. Come to Little Passports website where offers a large number of material and plans to DIY.

All in all, how to celebrate Children’s Day is not the big deal, most importantly, make children happy is the core theme. So spend more time with your kids is the best gift for you dearest kids.