It is horrible to get wet in Monsoon season, isn't it? However, that is to say we don't like monsoon? No, not saying we hate the monsoon, we love it. We just dislike getting wet. But you shouldn't let unexpected downpour catch you off guard and ruin your day. So, we've put together eight products that'll keep you and your tech valuables dry and monsoon-ready.


For monsoon, umbrella must be a necessity when you go out no matter whether it is raining or not at that time. because of the unpredictability, you should carry umbrella with you all the time outside in case to get wet. For umbrella, there are all kinds of to use in the daily life. And when buying an umbrella, choose one that can withstand strong winds and is big enough to keep you dry is better. Also, consider your lifestyle and daily activities. If you often use public transport to go to work or school, it would be better to get a foldable umbrella that's small enough to fit in your bag. If you have a car, choose a bigger umbrella for better coverage.

500 Golf UV Umbrella - Navy Blue comes from Decathlon India and opens automatically with one press of a button, which protects yourself and your equipment with its 123 cm diameter. Besides the Navy Blue color, polka dot and pink color are also available.

500 Golf UV Umbrella - Navy Blue

You don't have to use an umbrella that looks drab. There are a lot of designs currently available in the market - from the cute to the sophisticated. If selected properly, an umbrella can even improve your overall look.

500 Golf UV Umbrella - Red

For example, Alpinetrek's EuroSchirm - birdiepal octagon – Umbrella: it has double seams between the segments; Safety tips; EVA hard foam handle with grooved profile; Portable stove. This is Trekking umbrella, which is very suitable for outdoor activities. It belongs to Folding umbrella and you can carry it very convenient. Stepping out of your house without an umbrella is utter foolishness. There are a number of cute and compact umbrellas in the Alpinetrek. You can also find the most vibrant colours to suit your monsoon style.

Jacket or Raincoat

The second one you should prepare for rainy day is Jacket or raincoat. A raincoat or a jacket will protect your clothes from getting wet and soiled, and will keep you warm as well.

Feel free to experiment with different styles, from the sporty to the glamorous ones. If you're not a fan of waterproof cover-ups, you can opt for the more fashionable trench coats, cardigans and blazers. As much as possible, go for bright colors -- these will help keep your mood up amid the low, gloomy weather. Although wearing raincoat looks like a idiot sometimes, but there is no choice except wearing it when downpour is coming.

If you take your kid's outside in the monsoon season, you'd better take a raincoat for her or him. After all, it is more vulnerable than adult. Also you can visit Alpinetrek to buy CeLaVi - Kid's Rainwear Suit PU With All Over Print. it is full length front zip with storm flap.

CeLaVi - Kid's Rainwear Suit PU With All Over Print

For adult, you can go to Jack Wolfskin UK, this website has a large number of raincoat for women and men. Crosstown Raincoat Men, though it is a little hot to wear it in this summer season, but it is on sale at this time, you can enjoy 50% off, just need £87.00 (original price £175.00). Walking across town in the rain from one appointment to the next, the CROSSTOWN RAINCOAT keeps you dry all the way. The coat has an understated style that goes well with a business suit. It has an extra long cut, so if you have to wait for a taxi your suit jacket will stay dry underneath. At just 450g, the CROSSTOWN is so light you'll hardly know you're wearing it. And unlike an umbrella, it has the added benefit of leaving your hands free.

Crosstown Raincoat for Men, Black

Boots or Plastic Shoes

Wearing the right pair of footwear can save you from the hassle of walking the streets with wet feet. It will also protect you from a number of rainy day diseases such as leptospirosis. Leather shoes are a big "no" this season -- these will only be ruined by the rain. The best choice of footwear in monsoon is Flip-Flops which can make you freedom on rainy day. Bata India is the largest retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in India and is a part of the Bata Shoe Organization. You can find whatever footwear you like in this online store.

Boots, Blue Color

Cover Bag

Imagining it rains when you are travelling, your luggage can be wet. But if you backpack is waterproof, it can be protect your things from rain. Thus, purchase a backpack cover is very necessary during touring. Super handy if you're bringing your trusty travel camera along in your daypack while walking around. Serious downpour has a nasty habit of penetrating everything and anything...except dry bags. If you want to do things the cheap way (my favorite way) you can also just carry around a few large Ziploc bags. Go for the thick ones, they're hardier!

Transporter 2in1 65-85l from Jack Wolfskin UK backpack cover is fully waterproof and has an all-round zip. It protects your pack in the luggage hold and keeps your belongings dry when trekking in the rain for days at a time. It can be adjusted to fit the volume of your pack using the handy draw cord.

Transporter 2in1 65-85l Cover Bag

While the kind of bag cover of Jack Wolfskin UK is very limited, Decathlon India and Alpinetrek offer different kind bag covers for you. I'm sure you can find the right one from these websites.

If you are ready to travel, Look for a bag that's waterproof, or bring an extra plastic bag for your wet umbrella or jacket is dispensable in monsoon season. It can make your trip more wonderful and easier on the way.

Anyway, as long as you go out in monsoon season, make a good preparation is a good habit.