In April, you may resolve to save more, spend less or budget better. Whatever your money goal, the one common key to your success is shopping smart. That means knowing the best time to buy just about anything to ready the coming summer.

To help you out, we've created a purchase list to help you plan your shopping for this month.

Due to the Easter((April 1)) has just passed by, so most of stores are still on sale now, maybe you can take advantage of this holiday sale to save a large amount of money. After all, the Easter holiday is gone, so let's go to the coming holidays for shopping in April.

1. National Beer Day (April 7)

National Beer Day - Saturday (April 7th)

This Saturday (April 7th) is National Beer Day, do you already think how and where to celebrate? Although the annual observance in the U.S. has been unofficially recognized for almost a decade, it's been brewing for much longer. Nevertheless, this is a good time to have a beer! Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale. Grab a beer and spend some time with friends. (Remember always to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.)

Ruby Tuesday offers a unique lineup of beers brewed by masters of the craft. Try one of our seasonal selections or stick to your favorite. Either way, beer tastes better here. Invite your friends to join and enjoy a happy National Beer Day on Ruby Tuesday!

2. Arbor Day (April 27)

Arbor Day (April 27)

J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day said, “Other holidays repose upon the past, Arbor Day proposes for the future.” The simple way to celebrate Arbor Day is planting a tree on that day, it sounds great and the act is definitely a positive impact for generations to come. While if you are not convenient for plating a tree, never mind! There are some other ways can remedy your loss. Such as buy a bunch of flowers or plants. If you want to purchase the flowers, these several websites may cater for you:

Celebrating Arbor Day without actually planting a tree seems pretty much useless, right? It's why the holiday was created in the first place. So if you live in a place where a tree can easily grow, why not plant one for the world to enjoy! offers thousands of varieties of high quality plants and trees at great prices right to your door. Perfect for California! California's premier tree and plant supplier, offering Easy-To-Install Landscape Plant Packages, as well as more than 2,400 varieties of plants and trees. Do your garden shopping online. Have your plants delivered to your home or jobsite, Plants Express offers the perfect Do-It-Yourself landscape center project for better enjoyment of your yard.

The Tree & Plant at Yard

3. International Jazz Day (April 30)

International Jazz Day (April 30, 2018)

Guys, attention! If you are very interested in music, you must know this holiday, no matter where you are, no matter which country you live, no matter what skin color you are…International Jazz Day is an International Day declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2011 "to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe." It is celebrated annually on April 30. Well, not everyone can take part in this grand festival, but you can celebrate it in another way, like stock up on a piece of instrument. Welcome to visit Fender to feel the music power!

Jazz Day: Feel the Music Power

4. National Poetry Month

William Wordsworth said:

Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge; it is the impassioned expression which in the countenance of all Science.

- William Wordsworth

National Poetry Month, which takes place each April, is a celebration of poetry introduced in 1996 and organized by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry's vital place. You can write a poem and post on some websites. Maybe you will hesitate to do because you can't write a poem. Whatever, I think reading a book in the library or go to book stores to buy books that you like are also not bad ideas! Please do remember “Reading enriches the mind.” Although it is not the poem, as long as reading is OK!

Today, there are less and less to read paper book instead of e – Book, actually, paper book is better for your eye. Moreover, it is good for cyclic utilization! If you have the same opinion, let's enjoy these book selling websites:

April's holidays you might consider is here, what do you plan to buy to enjoy these festivals? How to celebrate these activities? Anyway, April shopping list is offered to you, when you go shopping, do remember to refer to this list.