Do you know about wind bell? Do you love wind bell? Wind-bell, also called wind chime, a bell or a cluster of resonating pieces that are moved and sounded by the wind. The wind-bell has three basic forms:

  1. a cluster of small pieces of metal, glass, pottery, bamboo, seashell, or wood that tinkle when blown by the wind;
  2. a cluster of chimes that are rung by a central clapper, to which is attached a flat plate to catch the wind;
  3. a bell whose clapper is attached to a flat plate to catch the wind.

As is known to all, wind bell is often elaborately decorated, cast, or carved and was hung from the eaves of sacred structures. In Asia, and also in the ancient Mediterranean, wind-bells served to attract beneficent spirits. In China,wind bell became a decorative art on private homes as well as on sacred structures, and in the 19th and 20th centuries wind bell's popular use spread more widely among Western countries.

So do you want to get a special wind bell? What kind and what color do you want? No worry, the following wind bell and hanging decorations list will help you get an answer.

Shopper Stop IVY Metallic Wind Chime Bells

Bring home this wind chime from the famous brand Ivy to beautify your interiors. Redefine your home decor by using this elegant wind chime bells. Crafted from the superior quality material, it comes with a classy finish. In addition, it features a butterfly detailing which adds to its overall design which suits all interiors. Shopper Stop is offering the sale price Rs. 300 – save up to 70% off.

Shopper Stop IVY Metallic Wind Chime Bells

The other IVY Metallic Wind Chime Bells sell also up to 70% off – Rs. 450. Sooth your soul with the tingling sound from this wind chime from Ivy. Give room to this wind chime in your home and it will please your soul with its melodious sound in return. It has been designed with precision and it sways along with the wind and the bells fill the atmosphere with melodious sound.

Shopper Stop ADARA Vintage Iron Etched Bell with Hanging Loop

Let the tinkles of this vintage Iron bell from Adara calm your inner self as you walk the way to find your true spirit. Let the tinkles of this vintage Iron bell from Adara calm your inner self as you walk the way to find your true spirit. If you are thinking of indulging deeper into your spiritual self, then this bell, which comes etched with beautiful detailing, will be your ideal choice. It also comes with a metallic loop that makes it easy for you to hang from the ceiling.

Fabindia Metal Door Bell

This metal door bell makes a perfect accessory for brightening up any space. This is made up of metal material which makes it durable and fabulous in design.

Fabindia Antique Brass Bell Dokra

This bell in antique design is made using Dokra metal casting. It is made of high-quality brass for optimum durability and is a perfect choice to add a touch of elegance to home decor. Dokra artifacts are made from brass and are inherently unique. It makes for a great gift for your families and friends.

AliExpress Antique Amazing Grace Deep Resonant 6 Tube Windchime Chapel Bells Wind Chimes Door Wall Hanging Home Decoration

Wind chimes blowing, bringing great sound, and pleasing, self-cultivation. Hanging wind chimes, can bless his family safe, healthy and happy. The wind swinging the bells, sounds sweet, charming. Meaning access to love, safe, healthy and smooth. If you think your yard decorating is dull and ordinary, this wind chimes can help you make your garden, villas and other places become vibrant. more over, it is suitable for home decoration, hanging on the door, the windows, hanging in the room, You can hang anywhere. Bring beauty and music to your indoor or outdoor space.

AliExpress Antique Amazing Grace 27 Tubes Windchime Chapel Wind Bells Wind Chimes Door Hanging Ornament Wind Chimes Home Decoration

Wealth and good luck with bells to decorate your garden. It is Perfect to decorate your garden or yard to match different family adornment style. I believe you will like it!

AliExpress Handmade Silver Bead Dream Catcher Wind Chimes Indian Style Feather Pendant Dreamcatcher Creative Car Hanging Decoration

This wind bell decoration in length including the hanging string Dream Catcher. Nightmare pass through the holes and out of the window and the good dreams are trapped in the web ,slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. At the same time, it is a good gift and a great decoration or addition for your colorful home and car, too! Grab this stunning piece of Handmade Silver Bead Dream Catcher Wind Chimes today!

Joybuy Solar Powered Color Changing LED Wind Chimes Decoration Lamp

This LED wind chimes light built-in day and night sensor. In daytime, when there is the sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. At dusk, it will light up automatically. Energy saving and environmental protection. What’s more, It can be easily hanged on the roof line, tree, door frame, patio, garden, corridor and so on.

eBay Hummingbird Wind Chimes Hanging Outdoor Decoration Home Garden Bell Decor

A lover send you a wind bell, representing romance and love. A friend send you a wind bell, you may miss him or her when you heard the crisp sound of the Campanula. It seems that newborns like crying very much. This lovely cartoon rattle is a perfect choice for you. You can hang them on the crib, stroller or other place for infant activities. It's also an ideal item for babies to realize the new world.

eBay Vintage Elephant Metal Wind Chimes Antirust Bells Hanging Style Decor Window

If you think your living environment is too silent and sometimes feel maybe there is lack of something. This wind chimes can give a big surprise to you. when the wind blowing, it can give out dulcet sound as if the natural wind is singing a sweet song. Good decoration for room, window, door and so on. You can also send it to your friend as a special gift.

Wind chimes can help calm the mind and relax the body. Wind chimes produce positive sounds ranging from fountain-like trickling to full, rich bell tones. Wind bell has cute shape and bells decoration on the wind chimes, bring happy atmosphere to your home. When the wind blowing, it can give out dulcet sound as if the natural wind is singing a sweet song. Hanging wind bell on the window, you can make a wish. The wind bell is a little romance and mysterious.