Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Practicing yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health,such as decrease stress, relieves anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve heart health, fight depression, promote sleep quality, improves flexibility and balance, help improve breathing, promotes healthy eating habits,increase strength. What’s more, improve self-confidence.

Now that yoga has so many benefits, people can study a little yoga on themselves. But as a beginner the first thing before learn yoga should prepare yoga accessories. Including yoga clothing, yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga block, yoga towel, yoga bag. Where to buy yoga accessories? The following list could give you answers.

Yoga Bra

A comfortable bra can make yoga practise easy and relax.

The Zaful Padded High Impact Sports Bra - Beetle Green made for high-impact, high-intensity workout, this sports bra is cut with a reinforced underbust band, soft pads, and reinforced thicken straps for maximum support and unobstructed movement. The criss-cross, cutout back will help you stay cool. Zafu give sale price $8.99.

Yoga Bra

The other Zafu Leopard Mid Impact Lattice Plunge Sports Bra - Leopard sell also $8.99. This sexy yet supportive sports bra is crafted from super smooth fabric for a second-skin feel. It features a crisscross strappy front, removable paddings, a reinforced bottom band for support. Wear it to dancing, cycling, weight training or boxing.

Leopard Mid Impact Lattice Plunge Sports Bra

Yoga Pants

One awesome and attractive yoga pant can display your slim body. Make yoga pose more graceful.

The Striped Ankle-Length Women Yoga Pant from Tidebuy. Which is an online retail store. It sells price $25.99. Up to 67% off. Striped pant is a good stylish feature. You will outstanding when practise yoga.

Striped Ankle-Length Women Yoga Pant

This Tailor-Fit Printed Women Yoga Pant is also found at Tidebuy. You need pay $25.99 for the fashion pant. Two colors on one pant looks so special.

Tailor-Fit Printed Women Yoga Pant

Yoga Socks

When taking a yoga practice, a pair of yoga sock is the must have items. It can protect your foot from injured. And help the foot support the body.

We find the Women's Toe Socks / Yoga Socks from Lightinthbox. The toe socks is so cute and special. Comes to the 32% off price $5.39. The socks has various color, like purple, white, black, gray, yellow, rose pink. You can choose the size freedom. You don't have to be barefoot to feel grounded after you buy the Lightinthebox yoga socks.

Women's Toe Socks / Yoga Socks

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat will positively transform your yoga practice with unparalleled comfort and support. Textured surface stabilizes your body and keeps you from slipping. Protects wrists, knees, elbows, head, neck, and ankles.

The Lightinthebox best seller Yoga Mat 173.0*61.0*0.6 cm Odor Free has 628 likes. And now sells cheap price $21.59. Green, pink, orange, purple color are in stock. Take time to buy the high value of the yoga mat.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Ball

Yoga ball is an essential equipment for the yogis. It is develop good overall muscle tone for your entire body and provides numerous other benefits that range anywhere from rehabilitating back, hip, and knee injuries to delivering a powerful workout to improve core stability, posture, and muscle balance.

Lightinthebox offers 55cm Exercise Ball / Yoga Ball Professional at $14.24. And the color blue, pink, violet for your choosing. With it you will get tight muscle.

Yoga Ball

Yoga Block

A yoga block is a nice little helper that you can use to facilitate many yoga poses, especially the ones that involve standing stretches. A yoga block is basically a brick-shaped "thing" made of cork, wood or hard-foam.

This Yoga Block 1 pcs High Density sold $5.59 at Lightinthebox. The material of it is EVA. Main features of high density, lightweight, moisture-proof, odor resistant. The function is that aid balance and flexibility, support and deepen poses.

Yoga Block

Yoga Towel

Yoga practice must have sweat. At this time the yoga towel must make a best important role. It can keep your face and body sweat-free during exercise.

The Yoga Towel Odor Free, Eco-friendly, you can browse at Lightinthebox. High comments of the towel. You can buy at rest. High discounts of 77% off the price $14.99. It is wise that taking the durable and portable yoga towel in your yoga bag.

Yoga Towel

Yoga Bag

The last yoga accessories is Yoga bag. Putting all of the yoga items into the yoga bag make the yoga practice convenient.

The Lightinthebox fashion floral 20L Yoga Mat Bag / Tote - Exercise & Fitnessmust fit your yoga travel.

Yoga Bag

Above all, we list the yoga accessories and where to shop them. As a yoga beginner, this article can give you best help on yoga practices.

In addition, we give some advise for the yogis. Just enjoy a good help of the exercise yoga. For the yogis should keep the attentions:

Fasting Practice: You should know that most of the posture movements of yoga are centered on the spine, so the burden on the stomach should not be too heavy. During practice, keep the fasting for 3 to 4 hours, so as to avoid the burden of the stomach and excessive nausea, dizziness, and even vomiting. Similarly, after the exercise, do not eat a lot of food within 1 hour, because eating immediately will cause a lot of blood to flow to the stomach, the blood of the heart will be greatly reduced, which will also lead to an increase in heart burden.

Can't Take a Shower Right Away After The Practice: Many yoga beginners don't know. In fact, after the practice, the sweat and sebum will form a sebum film, which can very good nourish the skin. This is one of the reason why practicing yoga can be beautiful. And taking a bath immediately will destroy this beneficial substance.

Practice Exercises Should Be Slow: Yoga movements should be gradual, and you can achieve your own limits, this is the most effective and safe.

Persisting: According to your own time, you can allocate it according to your own time. At the beginning, try to practice for about half an hour every day to develop a good habit of practicing. If you can do it later, you can practice no less than three times a week, but you must stick to it.

Keep attention and buy the yoga accessories from Zaful and Lightinthebox, make life health and beautiful!