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What Si the Detail Address Of Aceable?


Aceable HQ
610 W. 5th Street Ste. 603
Austin, TX 78701

Aceable California
1485 Civic Court Ste. 1340
Concord, CA 94520

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Who Can Take Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed?


Students ages 14-17 are eligible to take Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed with an approved parent driving instructor. In order to be a parent driving instructor, you must be the student's parent or guardian and hold a valid driver license.

Parents are ineligible if their driving privileges have been revoked in the last three years or if they have more than six points on their driving record.

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When Do You Mail Certificates? What is the Certificate Cutoff Deadline?


If you're taking our California course, you must finish the course and pay for your shipping by 12 PM (noon) PST Monday – Friday. We do not process certificates for California on Saturdays.

If you're taking our Texas or Ohio course, you must finish the course and pay for your shipping by 1 PM CST Monday – Friday or 11am CST Saturday.

Same day delivery orders for Austin, Texas must be placed by 11am CST Monday through Saturday. Your certificate will be hand-delivered at the location of your choice within Austin by 3:30pm CST.

If you select shipping after our cutoff deadline, your certificate will be mailed out the next business day. If you miss Friday's cutoff for California or Saturday's cutoff for all other states, your certificate will go out on Monday.

If you do not select shipping within a week of your completion date, your certificate will automatically be mailed with standard shipping. You should expect it to arrive within 5-12 business days. If you need your certificate to come in faster, this means you will need to order a new certificate for $10 and pay for expedited shipping.

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Do I Need to Pay For Shipping?


Yes and No!

If you select standard shipping, it comes free with your purchase of the course.

If you want your certificate delivered sooner, you will need to pay for expedited shipping at the end of the course.

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Can My Certificate be Emailed or Faxed? Can I Pick Up My Certificate?


If you are taking a course which requires that your certificate be mailed, there's no way we can get around that. We have to follow the state's requirements for issuing certificates. I know it doesn't make for the most ideal situation, but those are the rules.

We are required to mail out hard-copy certificates for:

  • California Drivers Ed
  • Ohio Drivers Ed
  • Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Defensive Driving

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