Can I Send the Test As a Gift?

Living DNA makes a great gift for almost everyone and around 30% of their tests are given as gifts.

They can send the testing kit to you, or they can send it direct to your intended recipient. If you want the kit sent direct to the recipient this can be done at the point of ordering-- simply enter a different shipping address to your billing address and the testing kit will be sent straight to their door. Unfortunately, they do not offer gift vouchers or gift-wrapping.

As they ship kits worldwide, they have country-specific websites. Each individual website will have its set of countries that we can deliver to in that region. So, for example, if you are on their Australia website, the order form will only accept a delivery address within Australia.

Please make sure that you are on the correct regional website, depending on where you would like the kit delivered. In most cases, your browser will automatically detect what region you are located in. If not, the region can be changed by clicking the flag button in the upper right hand corner between the word 'Activate' and the shopping cart icon.

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