Do I Still Need an Eye Exam If I Already Have a Prescription?

As long as your prescription is current and valid, you can absolutely bring in your own prescription to an America's Best store. If you don't already have a prescription or if you think your vision might have changed, you can receive a complete eye exam for eyeglasses from one of the independent doctors of optometry for just $45.

Better yet, you can get a FREE eye exam* when you purchase any two pairs of eyeglasses priced at $59.95 with single vision uncoated plastic lenses for $69.95. This deal is a great way to save money on eyeglasses for kids - no matter what happens to the first pair, you'll always have a second one ready to go!

Contact lens exams are just $79, but by joining the America's Best Eyecare Club, you can get three years' worth of FREE contact lens eye exams (up to 2 per year).

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