Does eharmony Limit the Number Of Matches I Receive Each Day?

At eHarmony, their goal is to help you find a great relationship, which means eharmony wants to give you lots of opportunities to be smitten! With that in mind, they strive to provide new matches each day, regardless of how many matches you already have.

Sometimes, eharmony presents you as a match to someone before they present them as a match to you. And there's a reason for that-if you received all of your potential matches at once, you might miss someone special. Just as eharmony wouldn't want one of your matches to overlook your name and profile, eharmony wants you to have the time to read and review every match you receive. eharmony provides you with compatible matches based on your most stringent match settings first, and then each day look for new matches that best fit your preferences.  

If you're not getting matches regularly, you'll want to visit your Match Preferences page and see if there are any settings there, such as distance or age that you might consider widening in order to potentially get more matches. 

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