How do I Change Domain Name Servers at EasySpace?

Before changing the name servers associated with your domain, please note the warning below!

If you are changing the name servers associated with your domain, please note the following services will be affected:

  • Email services
  • Website
  • Redirection or Web Linking
  • Zone records configured using IP pointing

It is not necessary to change registrars when changing who you choose to host your website. You can host your domain with one registrar and have your domain registered with another. To change the name servers associated with your domain, complete the following steps:

  1. From the control panel homepage, choose your domain and click "Go".
  2. Select "Nameserver Settings".
  3. Enter the new Name server details for the domain and click "Submit".

If you wish to use our nameservers, you can use the "Default to our nameservers" option. If you are transferring a domain registered elsewhere to our nameservers, you should use the following details: 

Primary Name Server: ( 
Secondary Name Server: (

You will need to raise a manual request through the online helpdesk to update the nameservers on certain domain extensions – most ccTLDs (i.e. .ie, .fr, .be) and Centralnic domains (i.e., as we need to process these manually with the relevant registry. For these domains, please provide the domain names to be updated along with the new nameservers.

The transfer takes 24-48 hours to complete, which is the time it takes for these DNS changes to be propagated over the internet, during this time you may experience interruptions to web site access and email.

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