How Do I Reset My Password?

You can reset your password by accessing our Login Help page.

After you submit your email, you should receive a reply with a NEW password but if you do not receive an email with your password within 24 hours, it is almost always because of your email security settings. Check your junk folder and add “account [email protected]” to your contacts to help ensure you receive emails from us. If you entered an email address that is not associated with an active account, you will get an error message and be presented with another link option to contact Client Support.

When you successfully log in with the password that was assigned by the system, you may change the password to something you prefer. Navigate to Account > Administrative Settings > User Settings and select Edit. You will then be prompted to enter the SuperUser password, which is identical to the new password you just received provided that you are the only user associated with this account. If you are not the SuperUser associated with this account, contact the SuperUser to assist you in resolving your login problems.

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