How Do I Sell My Car to Vroom?

Sell your car to Vroom without spending a minute at a dealership.
Get started at their online appraisal center, located at They will ask for your car’s VIN number, mileage, any extra features you have, and a few photos. Once you complete the appraisal form, one of their car experts will email you a guaranteed cash offer for your vehicle in less than 30 minutes*.
Your offer from Vroom is guaranteed for 7 business days, so you can take your time deciding.  
Upon accepting Vroom's offer, you'll complete the title transfer and schedule your free car pickup. Within 3 business days of picking up your car and verifying your title, you’ll have a check in the mail or funds deposited electronically.
Offers are made during normal business hours, Monday-Saturday, 7AM-7PM CST.

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