How Do the Easy-pay Payment Plans Work?

Financing Disclosures Easy-Pay Payment Plans: Offered on select designated items throughout website or catalogs for Credit Card Orders Only. Extended payments are available subject to credit approval for terms as determined solely by In The Swim for periods no longer than six (6) months. Interest is at 0% with the Annual Percentage Rate determined by the amount financed and term which includes an initial service fee of $9.95 added to the initial payment and fees of $4.95 per month until the amount is paid in full. The monthly payments shall be of equal amounts plus the$9.95 fee with the first payment due upon acceptance of the order and $4.95 per month until paid in full. Example, the first month payment at the time of order will be the amount of the order divided by 6 plus $9.95 and monthly payments two through 6 will include the fee of $4.95 plus 1/6th of the order amount. If the Order amount is $1200.00, monthly payments would be: month 1 upon acceptance of order $200.00 plus $9.95, months 2 through 6 $200.00 plus $4.95, for an Annual Percentage Rate of 9.8472%.

Installment payment plans in default will immediately become collectible in full. All returned checks are represented. All returned checks and payment plans in default are subject to reasonable fees, collections charges and attorney fees, if necessary.

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