How Does the Combined TENS EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulator Work?

Simply place the electrode pads over your area of pain, select the setting that’s right for you, and increase intensity as high level as you can stand! The drug free pain relief TENS EMS/PMS system is equipped with manual modes, delivering specific treatment techniques and automatic modes, using pre-programmed pulses, to optimally deliver therapeutic results ranging from deep-tissue stimulation, to invigorating muscle-building, to soothing relaxation.

The TENS EMS/PMS electronic pulse massagers are State of the Art electronic hands-free portable medical devices. These medical devices are used by chiropractors, massage therapists and medical physicians, now for everyone self-care at the comfort of home, indoor and outdoor.

The TENS EMS /PMS electrotherapy devices combine Chinese acupuncture with deep tissue massage sensations to effectively relieve tension and severe discomfort of the body without drugs or side effects. It sends bio-electric pulses directly to the muscle tendons and sore joints to relieve chronic discomfort and inflammation.

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