How Does Verizon Calculate My Charges?

You agree to pay all access, usage and other charges that you or any other user of your wireless device incurred. If multiple wireless devices are associated with your account, you agree to pay all charges incurred by users of those wireless devices. For charges based on the amount of time used or data sent or received, Verizon Wireless will round up any fraction to the next full minute or, depending on how you're billed for data usage, the next full megabyte or gigabyte. For outgoing calls, usage time starts when you first press Send or the call connects to a network, and for incoming calls, it starts when the call connects to a network (which may be before it rings). Usage time may end several seconds after you press End or after the call disconnects. For calls made on our network, Verizon Wireless charges only for calls that are answered, including by machines. For Postpay Service, usage cannot always be processed right away and may be included in a later bill, but the usage will still count towards your allowance for the month when the Service was used.

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