How Many Capsules Per Day Should I Take?

One bottle which contains 90 capsules will last 30 days (taking three capsules a day is the recommended quantity). It takes most patients about 5 months (5 bottles) to see results, but some patients report results in as little as three months (for others it takes longer). This discrepancy is largely dependent on a person’s metabolism and genetic predisposition.

Some customers increase the quantity to 4 capsules per day and report an improved efficacy compared to the recommended quantity. However, all their data is based on the dose of 3 capsules per day – there should be no need to increase the quantity (unless you are overweight or have a large body weight).

Some customers, especially those with a light body weight or those sensitive to one of TRX2®’s ingredients (e.g. Niacin), decrease the quantity to 2 capsules per day without compromising on efficacy. 

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