How to Use the Shopping Cart?

Once you have found an item that you would like to purchase, simply click “Add to Cart” on the product page and the item will be added to your order. 

The number of products and their combined price will be displayed beside the shopping cart symbol at the top of the page. Move your mouse over the shopping cart symbol to see additional information about the selected products.

On the Shopping Cart screen, you can change the quantity of the selected products. Simply enter the desired quantity in the allocated field, or change the quantity by clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols.

You can also remove products from your cart by clicking the “x” button next to the corresponding product.

When you have reviewed the contents of your shopping cart and are satisfied with your selections, you may purchase the items by clicking the "Checkout" button. Just don’t forget to agree to the PLAYMOBIL® Online Shop’s Terms and Conditions first. Then, simply follow the remaining steps of the checkout process to complete your order .

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