I Have Found an Item I Like In the Catalog, How Can I Find It Online?

The search facility can be found at the top of every page of the site, and allows you to search for an item using a keyword or item number.

An item number is 7 digits long (e.g. AB123CD) and can be found when you are looking at an item on the website, in the catalog or in a leaflet or advert. Simply type the number into the search box and click the search button. A page showing all the details of your item should be displayed. If you are told your item number is incorrect, check that you have typed in all 7 digits correctly, and that you have not substituted the letter I for the number 1, or the letter O for the number 0. If you still cannot find the item, you could try a keyword search instead.

The search is not case sensitive so you can include lower as well as upper case letters in the search.

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