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What Kind Of Expectations Can I Have?


Tips for men: First of all keep in mind what a high-end andro product does. It makes you more attractive in a male sort of a way, more manly, studly or whatever. That is a good thing for attracting most women, but keep in mind that generally you have to look friendly. You have to temper the stud thing with Mr. helpful or you are going to have a hard time breaking the ice with most women. Primal makes you seem more powerful but I can tell you from experience that women have to get the feeling that you are going to use that power to protect them and not control or exploit them. Weak and helpful is a loser, but tough and mean also loses. If you walk into a convenience store looking like Clint Eastwood, you aren't going to get anybody approaching you.

Tips for women: Be mysterious, be seductive but be approachable. Fear is your worst enemy, both in yourself and in the guys you would like to meet. Help make the "ice" easily broken; be generous with your warm smile and "hello"; then just let the chemistry take its course.

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How Do I Make the Most Of Pheromones?


Remember that pheromones are tools. It takes a little practice to learn to work with them.

Men: Be the "good guy"! Pheromones give you an aura of power, but that can be scary for shy women if you look grumpy or like a "lone wolf". Always look for opportunities to be helpful and supportive of women. Let them know that your power will be used to protect rather than exploit.

Women: Be approachable! If you suffer from the "ice maiden" syndrome, pheromones are only going to push you further out of reach, even to guys you would love to get to know. You don't necessarily have to make the first move, but be ready to come up with a warm smile and maybe even a cheerful "hello" if you happen to make eye contact with a guy.

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Why are There So Many Products, What is the Difference?


All the products on the site are reputable and you get what you pay for. In the case of Primal Instinct though, which is very expensive, the high price is due to the extremely high pheromone content. It is not any more effective than say APC, which has the same TYPE of pheromone in it. It just lasts a very long time, since you only need to use 2 drops per application. The others have different pheromone mixtures and many have fragrance added. You could take a look at the "pheromone forum" for some user stories. All their brands have big fans.

Be careful of bootleg products and web sites. There are many phonies popping up. One has an address very similar to their products and looks almost the same. Watch out for that. All LoveScent pheromone products are the originals and carry a guarantee.

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What are Pheromones?


Pheromones are natural chemical scents the body produces in order to communicate with others nearby. They are well documented in the animal kingdom as the force that controls all social behavior, including mating. Scientists are now finding that human behavior is also heavily influenced by these invisible airborne chemicals.

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Do Pheromones Really Work?


The answer is yes! Pheromones are natural hormones produced by most creatures to attract other members of the same species, and create social bonds. In humans, pheromones are a little more complex, but research has shown that certain pheromone molecules such as androstenone, androstadienone, androstenol, estratetraenol, and more, can actually affect your mood, confidence, attractiveness, approachability, and authority. Wearing pheromones can have a huge effect on your day to day life, especially when it comes to attracting sexual partners. Whether you're in a long term relationship already and need to reignite the passion, looking for someone new, or simply looking for nice boost in self-confidence, pheromone perfumes and colognes from Love Scent can help you out!

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About Love Scent

Love Scent pheromone products are for men and women.

Studies have proven that pheromones influence members of the opposite sex and can help you:

Build confidence and change people’s perceptions of you.

Attract that special someone or improve your current relationship.

Feel more at ease in social situations.

Pheromones really do work, and we’re so confident in our products that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!