My Package Was Stopped, Now What Do I Do?

If your package is seized by the customs agency in your country, you may or may not receive a notice from them. If the products are illegal in your country, they will most likely return the package to A1Supplyment. However, there may be a return shipping fee. Once the package is received back by them, they will contact you by e-mail and refund you for the returned, like-new products, less the shipping fees. They will help you.

If the package is not sent back to A1Supplyment or if it is destroyed, they cannot refund any part of the purchase price. They apologize for the inconvenience.

A1Supplyment hope you can understand why their international shipping policy concerning customs has to be this way. They cannot refund you for customs stopped products that are not returned resalable. Their goal is to make you and every customer happy, but sometimes doing what you want them to do can cause problems if you are not sure of the laws in your country.

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