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What is the QuickStart Refund Policy?


The QuickStart refund policy is outlined herein. A different refund policy may apply if you are under an agreement or contract between your employer or organization and QuickStart, or a QuickStart distributor. In such case you must contact your QuickStart representative or the appropriate person within your organization to inquire about applicable refund policies.

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About QuickStart

QuickStart exists to create world-class technologists by personalizing and individualizing training to address the massive skills gap in the IT industry.

Through 20 years of research and data analysis, we’ve learned that a modern learner prefers to learn through multiple modalities such as self-paced online learning, virtual instructor-led training, on-the-job training, implementation and hands-on experience through labs, mentoring, and social and peer-to-peer learning. We packaged all the modalities into a single cloud-based platform called CLIPP.