What is a Tablet PC Good For?

Tablet PCs are great options for individuals who enjoy browsing the Web, keeping in touch with friends and family on popular social networks, sending emails and watching movies or playing games. There are thousands of native applications available that transform day-to-day activities like reading the news into immersive, interactive experiences.

A tablet may be able to replace your laptop, if you’re not intent on processor-heavy tasks like editing video or pictures, and with the growth of streaming media services you may no longer have a direct need for a CD or DVD player. It’s the perfect companion for crowded spaces like airports or coffee shops, where size and portability become more important. And it’s a great tool for sitting on the beach and reading a book, newspaper or email without straining your eyes.

Business users are also finding great value in owning a tablet PC. Being more portable than a laptop and able to perform most basic business tasks such as author or edit a document, slideshow or email, tablets have become the preferred productivity enhancement tool for many business professionals. Often much cheaper than a business laptop, a tablet PC is a great alternative tool for note-taking, remote client-meetings and presentations.

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