What's the Buyincoins' privacy policy?

Respecting privacy, BuyinCoins (referring to BuyinCoins.com or our Site) takes your personal information and online safety very seriously. The Privacy Policy explains:

1. How we collect, use and under certain conditions disclose your personal information.

2. The methods we’ve taken to secure your personal information.

3. Your options regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to the website only, it doesn’t necessarily apply to the information collected from you offline.

By accessing BuyinCoins.com, you accept the practices described below: 

1. How does BuyinCoins.com collect information about me?

2. How does BuyinCoins.com use my personal information?

3. Does BuyinCoins.com ever give out my personal information?

4. Is my personal information, collected by BuyinCoins.com, secure?

5. What choices do I have regarding BuyinCoins.com’s collection of my information?