What is the Pacific Coast® 30-day Allergy Free Warranty?

Pacific Coast® natural filled down and feather products carry a 30-day allergy free warranty.

Pacific Coast® down is the only down that has been washed using the Hyperclean washing process. This means that the down and feathers found in Pacific Coast® products have been washed and rinsed eight or more times, filtering out dust and dirt. It is the dust and dirt found in down and feathers that people are allergic to, not the down or feather itself. Hyperclean® down is four times cleaner than the down found in other comforters that merely meet government standards.

Their Hyperclean® down and feathers have been washed and rinsed with biodegradable cleaning agents they have developed over the last century. The harsh chemicals traditionally used to clean down and feathers have been replaced with highly effective but gentle down cleaners that leave the down at a neutral pH, and provide the maximum long-term strength of Hyperclean® down.

Because their down is cleaner, it is allergy free, fluffier and longer lasting that other brands.

If however, you still experience allergy symptoms, you may return the product within 30 days for a refund (shipping fees excluded).

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