What is the Safe Shopping Guarantee?

The security measures of SuperHeroStuff are designed to prevent anyone from stealing and using your credit card number. In addition, consumer protection laws protect you against the unauthorized use of your credit card. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, if your credit card is used without your authorization, your liability for those fraudulent charges cannot exceed $50. So, if someone steals your credit card or your credit card number, your liability is limited to $50 no matter how much the thief charges to your account. If your credit card provider does hold you liable for any part of this $50, SuperHeroStuff will cover the entire liability for you, up to the full $50. SuperHeroStuff will cover this liability only if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at the website while using the secure server. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

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