What's the Difference Between the Mermaiden Tails, Limited Edition Tails and the Sparkle Costume Tails?

The Mermaiden tails are designed with a mermaid pattern printed directly on the fabric. They are durable, realistic, and absolutely beautiful! They are also machine washable.

The Limited Edition Mermaid Tails are similar to Mermaiden tails, except that they feature unique shiny textures over the entire tail fabric, which gives them extra shimmer and a special sleek feeling in the water, just like a REAL mermaid!

The Sparkle Mermaid Tails are shiny and beautiful! However, their sparkly nature makes them prone to faster wear. Sparkle Tails are perfect as costume tails or for playing in the bathtub, but not intended for swimming in chlorine or salt water. These tails are not machine washable.

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