What Will Future Trx2 Products Address?

The researchers of Oxford Biolabs, along with several other members of the scientific community, have demonstrated that as people experience hair loss the function of potassium channels within hair follicles diminishes. The effect is impaired membrane potential and interrupted ion transportation across the hair follicle’s cellular membranes – resulting in shrinking follicles and thinning hair.

TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair addresses this phenomenon, but yet may be unable to restore thick, terminal hair growth to customers with severe hair loss (Norwood 5-7). Therefore, although the launch of our first products utilising our proprietary technology is extremely exciting for them, they are not done yet. Oxford Biolabs has an ongoing programme of pre-clinical and clinical research focused towards refining their understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind hair loss and, ultimately, developing a cure.

Please refer to our TRX2® Research page for details on past and ongoing studies.

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