Where Can I Purchase the Test?

The easiest and fastest way to purchase our service is online through our website.

It is available to order in local currency in a number of regions of the world. Please note that all results and information are in English only.

As they ship kits worldwide, they have country-specific websites. Each individual website will have its set of countries that they can deliver to in that region. So, for example, if you are on our Australia website, the order form will only accept a delivery address within Australia.

Please make sure that you are on the correct regional website, depending on where you would like the kit delivered. In most cases, your browser will automatically detect what region you are located in. If not, the region can be changed by clicking the flag button in the upper right hand corner between the word 'Activate' and the shopping cart icon.

Please also be aware that while they can ship their DNA collection kit to nearly anywhere in the world, there may be customs procedures in your country that will delay the delivery of the kit to you. Please ensure that you have given them all the necessary information in order for your kit to be delivered. Additionally, there may be customs restrictions in your country that will make it difficult to send your samples back to them. Please contact your local authority for more information on receiving DNA testing kits and sending DNA cheek swab samples out of your country.

Please also ensure that is lawful in the country in which you reside, or if different,  in the country in which you are located when you take your sample, or access your results, for you to take and submit the sample to them for testing, and to enter into this Contract and to provide the promises and undertakings which it contains, and for them to provide test results and any Related Services to you. For your legal safety, they advise that you do not place an order for Services, provide a sample, nor use Related Services in any jurisdiction where it is not lawful for you to do so.

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