Why Our Hotel Pillows May Feel Different Than the Hotel Where I Stayed?

In some cases, the specs of the Touch of Down pillows sold on pacificcoast.com are the same as many leading hotels. In some cases, the pillow specs may vary. In addition, there are other tricks hotels may use to keep their pillows fluffy and lasting longer. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Touch of Down pillow is a super standard size, 20" x 28". Some hotels will put this super standard size pillow into a standard 20" x 26" pillow protector. The 2" difference causes the pillow to plump up more.
  • Some hotels will even double the protectors on each pillow to reduce the air permeability of the pillow keeping it fluffier throughout the night.
  • Hotel pillows are slept on and washed regularly which accelerates the softening process. If the pillow you order doesn't feel as soft as your hotel experience, it might be that you need to wash and dry it a few times.
  • Lastly, pillows are made from 100% cotton. Over time, the washing process can shrink the pillow. A pillow that seems smaller than 20" x 26" even with extra protectors, may have shrunk from excessive washings.

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