Will You Match a Price On the Same Product From Another Company?

In a word, no. They pricing philosophy of A1Supplyment is simple: they strive to have the lowest overall prices on thousands of best-selling supplements every day, while offering the best service. That said, they won't always be the lowest on every single item.

They do an excellent job in maintaining a huge variety of products, keeping all products in stock, providing product information, excellent prices, shipment options, easy tracking of your shipments and overall top-notch service at all times. They feel that this level of service is better than all of our competitors and provides you with best overall value consistently and doesn't waste your time. 

It's been our experience that other companies may be lower on a few items and higher on many more. To engage in a price war on individual products would be too damaging to ourselves and disingenuous to the manufacturers of great products, whom we represent; not to mention too time-consuming and ultimately detrimental to customers.

Furthermore, investing the resources to track down definitive apples to apples comparisons on thousands of products across numerous competitors just isn't feasible. Is the company legitimate? Are they offering the exact same items? Are their prices misprinted or misadvertised? What about combo deals? Coupons? Free gifts? Shipping methods, rates and delivery times? Is their stock getting ready to expire? Are the items even in stock at all? In order to do this, they would have to lower our standards and our service would be negatively affected. They simply won't allow that to happen.

In our twenty-plus years in business, they have witnessed many companies fall by the wayside. Their number one goal is not only to be able to provide the best overall pricing and service to customers today, but tomorrow as well.

A1Supplyment hope you agree, but they understand if you choose to do your business with the company with the lowest price on each individual item. Please continue to bring our attention to specific products that you feel we are over-priced on and we will consider adjusting their pricing during next round of pricing revisions. A1Supplyment really do appreciate the feedback and your business. A1Supplyment are doing everything we can to keep you coming back.


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