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How to Delete Orders That Cancelled?

Currently there is no 'delete' function available. If you do not want the order to continue, please close/cancel it.

How Long Will My Order Be Modified?

After you sent modification request for your Trade Assurance order to your supplier, please contact your supplier to modify it accordingly. As to when modification is complete, it depends on supplier.

How Do I Include Quality Requirements In the Contract?

First, negotiate and confirm the quality requirements with your supplier. These quality requirements should be measurable and actionable. They will be used by the third-party inspection company to inspect the product quality in the event of a quality dispute. Make sure your supplier has agreed to the requirements in the order and you have confirmed it before payment.

How Do I Confirm My Trade Assurance Order?

You do not need to confirm order separately. After checking all the order information, you could click "Confirm and Pay" button on the order detail page to make payment directly.

Payment success means the order has been confirmed.