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    LG 49” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: Now £339.99. £100 cashback available! Buy a qualifying TV from BT Shop, and sign up for broadband with BT and we'll give you £100 cashback on your purchase.

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    Arlo Pro Wire Free 4 Camera System: Now £419, usually £699 – Save £280 – while stocks last

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    Samsung 50” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: Now £399, usually £479 – Save £80 – while stocks last

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    Apple AirPods with Charging Case: Now £129, usually £159 – Save £30 – while stocks last

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    Ring Video Doorbell 2 £139.00

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    LG 65" UM7400 4K UltraHD Smart TV £729.00


Why Has the BT Shop Been Relaunched?

BT Shop is continually looking to provide new and better benefits for shareholders and as a result they are now able to offer you a year round discount on both BT products and on the full range of products previously offered by sister company, The new BT Shop also now employs different technology and a fresh new design making it even easier to use and find the products that you're looking for.

I Already Have a BT Shop Account. Why Do I Need to Re-register?

If you had a BT Shop account prior to July 2nd 2007 BT Shop will need you to reregister. Unfortunately because BT Shop is now using a different (but much better!) technology platform they were unable to copy over your old BT Shop account. However, it is a very simple process to set up a new account and well worth the few minutes it takes. Please see the step by step instructions above.

What Do I Do If I Am On the BT Shop But Can't See the E-shareholder Discounts?

If you are on the BT Shop and logged into your BT e-shareholder account, the discounted price that you are entitled to will automatically be displayed. Please note that the standard price will not be displayed but you can view your saving in the basket on the right hand side of the site. If you cannot view the discounted prices please make sure that you have registered for the e-shareholder discount scheme by checking under "Your Account". If you haven't registered yet for your discount you will need to register using your BT Shareview Access number.

Can I Order By Phone at BT Shop?

No. In order to give the discounts that BT Shop does they have had to make this a web only offer.

Can I Order for Friends and Family?

Your BT Shop account may be used to order goods for friends and family however payment must be taken from your credit/debit card and contract for the provision of goods remains with you. Therefore any queries relating to that order or the goods provided must be made by the BT Shop account holder. Please note that a fair usage policy does apply and they reserve the right to revoke any BT Shop account that they feel may be being used for commercial reasons.

Where Has My Store Credit/ Vouchers Gone?

As you may be aware, the BT Shop website was re-launched on July 2nd 2007 when they upgraded the platform on which it runs. 

Whilst this re-launch offered our customers lots of benefits including a far wider product choice than ever before, unfortunately it also meant that BT Shop was unable to transfer information held on your old BT Shop account. This includes any store credit that was waiting to be spent on your account, or any unredeemed vouchers. 

Thankfully, this issue affects only a very small number of customers, however if you previously had unspent store credit on your account and you would like it reinstated, please send an email to [email protected] using the subject title "Missing Store Credit/Vouchers". It would be helpful if you could include the following information in your email: 

  • your full name (forename and surname) 
  • your postcode
  • the email address that was associated with your old BT Shop account
  • the email address that is associated with your new BT Shop account (it may be the same as above).

On receipt of your email, BT Shop will verify the status of your credit and/or vouchers then reapply as necessary to your new BT Shop account.

How to Contact BT Shop?