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Why I Received Error Message 'country Of Residence Must Be the Same As the Country to Which You are Delivering', When I Make the

If you received a payment error message showing like this 'country of residence must be the same as the country to which you are delivering' when you make payment, PayPal has restricted on the consistency of register address and shipping address for some countries. If these things happen, please try to pay by Standard Checkout or Contact Buyincoins.

Why Can't I Pay Via PayPal?

Payment by PayPal is only possible in some countries.

If you have a PayPal account, but your account has been restricted for sending money or logging into PayPal, you need to contact PayPal customer service.

Why the Coupon Code is Invalid?

Sometimes the system will prompt an invalid coupon code when you use it. 

There are some factors:

  • The coupon code is expired.
  • The usage limitation: The code could be used X time(s) for each customer. (The 'X' depends on different promotion activity.) Probably you have used this coupon code already and exceed the maximal times.    

If you want to get more coupon codes, please visit, there are a number of latest coupons.

What's the Buyincoins' Privacy Policy?

Respecting privacy, BuyinCoins (referring to or Buyincoins' Site) takes your personal information and online safety very seriously. 

Can I Change My Order?

It is unable to make any changes to an existing order. There is a short period of time in which an order may be cancelled.

Do I Get a Payment Confirmation After I Make an Order?

If you send the payment by using the PayPal or e-check, the seller will confirm your payment within approximately 1 business day once your payment is clear. Before that, your order status will remain 'Awaiting Payment'.

Which Payment Methods Can I Choose?

When you have added the item you to shopping cart, you would process checkout. Click the checkout button, and you can see there are two kinds of payment methods.

The one is PayPal Express, it is recommended to all of the customers whether you have registered or not. The other is Standard Checkout which you can pay via it only you have registered on It is helpful for you to manage your orders.