Coupons & Promo Codes FAQ

What Types Of Car are Available?

CarRentals offers a wide range of vehicle categories from small economical cars through sports vehicles, family cars and mini-vans.

When Will I Be Charged for the Reservation?

CarRentals is able to secure reservations very often without a credit card but the car rental company will want payment with a credit card in your own name when you arrive at the counter to pick up your car - this is known as a "Pay at Pick Up" reservation. If you opt to purchase collision insurance online, your credit card will be charged immediately for the insurance premium portion only.

Just so you know, while you may use a debit card to purchase collision coverage, the car rental company may not accept a debit card as payment for the rental vehicle. 

Some rentals require full or part payment at check out. These are "Pay Now" or "Deposit Required" reservations. Cards will be charged immediately for these types.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

This price does not include services such as insurance waivers, special equipment, mileage charges, roadside assistance, underage fees, fuel etc.

It also does not include extra day or hourly charges that can result from a late return of the rental car and does not include any taxes or fees which may be enacted between the time you secure the booking and the time you pick up the vehicle.

What are the Latest Travel Alerts

Executive Order - US Travel / Entry Ban from Six Countries

Travel Alert – United States travel/entry ban for Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. 

How Do I Make an Rental Car Damage Protection Claim?

You will need to make a claim through the Rental Car Damage Protection provider. 

How Do I Get a Proof Of Payment Or Receipt?

You will be provided with a rental receipt by the car rental company upon completion of your rental and return of the vehicle.

How Do I Cancel a "Pay At Pick Up" Reservation?

If you have a “Pay At Pick Up” reservation, you can cancel this online.

How Do I Cancel a "Pay Now" Reservation?

No, "Pay Now" bookings cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.

How Do I Cancel a "Deposit Required" Reservation?

If you have a “Deposit Required” reservation, you can cancel this online.