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Cricket Media FAQ

Does This Change Cost Me Anything Extra?

No. The extra content you will get in the combined title comes at no extra charge.

Can I Use More Than One Promotion Code At a Time?

Just one at a time, please. Cricket Media will use the most recent promotion code you enter.

Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax On My Orders?

If your order (excluding magazine subscriptions) is shipped to an address within Illinois, there is a 6.25% sales tax. For orders (books, products, and magazines) shipped to an address in Canada, you will be assessed either a HST 15% or GST 7%. This charge is included in your shipping charge.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept for Online Orders?

Cricket Media accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for online orders. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Book Or Product?

You should expect to receive your book or product order 5-7 business days after Cricket Media has processed it. If you ordered by mail, please allow an extra week for delivery of your letter to their office.

How Does Cricket Media Determine Age Range for the Products?

Several factors are considered when setting the age grade for a product. 

  • The CPSC "Guidelines for Relating Children's Ages to Toy Characteristics" 
  • Whether or not the item contains small parts in the "as received state"
  • Size and weight of the of the item: small, lightweight to grasp and carry
  • The theme: represents common objects easily identified by the child
  • Degree of realism
  • Type and level of skill required
  • The manufacturers stated intent: such as a label if it is a reasonable one
  • The article is generally recognized as being intended for children under 3 years
  • Advertising, promotion, and marketing
  • The own evaluation of the product to children's physical and developmental stages

Where are These Toys Of Cricket Media Made?

Cricket Media sources their toys from all over the world - the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Thailand, as well as China, for example. With this said, Cricket Media requires the same testing, and adherence to Federal and State standards as well as their own stringent quality requirements, regardless of the country of origin.

What Happens When a Magazine is Discontinued?

Cricket Media has combined some magazines, so if you ordered any of the magazines below, you'll be receiving the new, merged publication. If you don't love your new magazine, just let Cricket Media know and they can help you select from their other magazines. 

  • CALLIOPE merged into DIG, effective with the July/August 2014 issues 
  • APPLESEEDS merged into ASK, effective with the April 2015 issues
  • ODYSSEY merged into MUSE, effective with the April 2015 issues

How Do I Give a Magazine Subscription As a Gift?

When you are in the checkout process online or filling out an order form in the mail, Cricket Media will ask you to provide a name and address for each item in your shopping cart. This process will allow you to send the order as a gift.

How Can I Renew a Subscription?

There are several ways to renew so that your young reader won't miss a single issue: 

  • Online (Easiest!)
    Log into your account and renew by visiting 
  • By Phone
    Give Cricket Media a call at 1-800-821-0115 between 8AM and 9PM EST, Monday through Friday. 
  • By Mail
    To save a stamp, send the renewal form Cricket Media mail to you in the postage-paid envelope provided, or send your request to:
    Cricket Media
    P.O. Box 6395
    Harlan, IA 51593-5895

What is the Shipping and Handling Policy for Magazine Subscriptions?

United States:
For magazine subscriptions, there is no shipping fee for delivery to addresses within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses (including US Territories). 

For Canadian magazine subscriptions there is a USD$15.00 shipping fee charged per subscription per year.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the First Issue Of My Magazine Subscription?

Your young reader will receive the first issue 4-6 weeks after Cricket Media has processed your order. If you subscribe by mail, please allow an extra week for delivery of your order to the office.

If you'd like to let the lucky recipient know what's coming ahead of time, you can send an ecard by logging into your account and selecting the "Send gift card" option from the Order Options menu.