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Da Vinci Vaporizer FAQ

What Kind Of Battery Does the IQ Use?

The IQ uses a 3500mAh-18650 rechargeable battery.

How Long Will It Take for My IQ to Fully Heat Up?

Anywhere from 45-60 seconds depending on your set temperature or Smart Path.

What is the Best Temperature for Loose Leaf Material?

Varying between 280° and 400° Fahrenheit (optional use).

How Long Will the IQ’s Battery Last?

90 minutes of use depending on temperature setting.

Can I Change My IQ to Read In Celsius?

Yes, press and hold all three buttons for 10 seconds. Your IQ will vibrate and confirm on the 51 LED Light Grid Display your change. 

This also can be easily adjusted in the DaVinci Mobile App.

Can the IQ Be Used While Charging?

Yes, the IQ can be used while charging. With a replaceable battery, you have the option of putting a new battery in while the low battery recharges.

I Am Not Seeing a Lot Of Vapor From My IQ. How Can I Produce Dense Clouds?

The recommendation is to pack your material in the ceramic bowl very tightly and draw from the mouthpiece slowly. Another suggestion would be to raise your temperature.

What is Included With My IQ?

Your IQ Vaporizer comes with the following: 

  • (1) IQ Vaporizer 
  • (1) Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • (1) Ceramic Flavor Chamber
  • (1) 3500mAh battery
  • (1) Keychain Tool
  • (1) Carry Can
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) 10mm Adapter
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (9) Alcohol Wipes