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Decluttr FAQ

Does Decluttr Has a Limit On the Amount Of Items Per Box?

Yes, please make sure the box weighs no more than 6lb, if you have too many items in one box, they may be rejected when you try to send them. 

If the box exceeds this limit please use another box and attach another shipping label. Do not print the same shipping label, if you require more labels, just sign in to your Account and go to Order History and click on 'Print additional labels' next to the relevant Order Number.

My Box Has Been Rejected By Free Shipping Service, Who Do I Contact?

If FREE Shipping Service say they can't take your parcel for whatever reason, just let Customer Service team know and Decluttr will soon have your parcel on its way to them. Simply send us an email: [email protected]

What Do I Need to Put On My Box When I Send It?

Simply tape the Shipping Service Label(s), that is included in your Welcome Pack, to the outside of your box(es) so that the ENTIRE label is visible. 

Please do not place the label over any seams or closures on the package, ensure there are no other shipping or tracking labels attached to your box and that you do NOT cover the barcode.

Remember each Shipping Service Label is unique to each of the boxes you're sending - do not use the same label for multiple boxes.

Do I Need to Send the Charger Or Accessories With My Tech Item?

Don’t have a charger, accessories or the original box? Don’t worry: Decluttr will still buy your cell phone and the price won’t be affected! 

On some tech devices, Decluttr will need the charger. If Decluttr does, it will be listed in the condition criteria.

I‘ve Sent the Incorrect Cell Mobile Phone/device, What Do I Do?

Don’t worry, if Decluttr is currently accepting this item they will offer you a revised price. All you need to do is accept or decline the offer – if you decline, Decluttr will return the item to you, free of charge.

I Haven’t Received My Payment Yet, What Do I Do?

If your check was sent over 10 business days ago then please check that the address listed on your account is correct before contacting customer services to organise another payment. 

For direct deposits, if it’s not received within 3 business days of payment being made then please contact Customer Service team using the following email: [email protected]

How Do I Change My Email Address On My Account?

For any queries you have related to your Decluttr account, please send an email to Customer Service team who shall gladly assist you! You can contact them with the following email address: [email protected]

How Long Do I Have to Send My Items?

You have 10 days to confirm the details of your order. There is no time limit on sending in media items once the order has been confirmed - but the sooner you send your items, the sooner you'll get paid! 

For Tech items, your price is valid for 28 days from the date you create your order.