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Design By Humans FAQ

What Kind Of Files Should I Be Uploading?

You should be uploading transparent PNG files using the template provided, RGB files that fit within the specified template size. Those PNGs will eventually be transferred, via magic to TIFF files for printing.

What Happens If My Application Gets Accepted?

You become a store owner at Design By Humans! Once your application is approved you'll receive an email to activate your store. Follow the link and activate your store you'll be able to add products and start selling. Each product is approved to keep quality and ensure all art is printable. All approvals are done within 24 hours from submission.

What Should Be In My Portfolio?

Artists- Artist portfolios should show a minimum of 10 digital pieces of artwork that would work on the products Design By Humans has available. If you do not have your own website, there are many free portfolio sites out there and nearly all are acceptable. Examples include: Coroflot, Behance, DeviantArt, Dribble and Carbonmade. Facebook and Instagram are not advised unless your posts clearly showcase your artwork. Pinterest, Dropbox accounts and Google Drive Folders are not accepted at this time.

Streamers- Streamers should send a link to their streaming channel on Twitch, Mixer, etc. Your account should reflect that you've gone live at least once or have one or more archived videos.

Youtubers- Youtubers should have at least one video uploaded for approval consideration.

Musicians- Please send us a link that showcases your music, whether it's your band website, a link to your Spotify or to your Soundcloud account.

What is the Difference Between Screen Printed and Direct to Garment Printed Tees

Design By Humans uses both Screen Printing and Direct-To-Garment printing to bring you the best possible prints.

For those of you who are new to DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing, please note that colors will not always print as vibrantly as displayed in the art.  This is due to printing directly to a matte surface medium such as the fabric of a t-shirt as they look on your color-corrected monitor.

What is the Maximum Size DTG Can Print?

14.8 inches wide, 18 inches tall. Design By Humans has some of the best equipment in the world right now and have spent years perfecting our printing process. Design By Humans believes they have the best direct to garment printing possible.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined in Design By Humans?

This can happen for several reasons. Please make sure all fields are entered correctly. Please also make sure your billing address exactly matches the one your bank has on file. If your card is still being declined, please contact your credit card company or bank.  Unfortunately when this occurs, for privacy reasons we are provided very little information regarding the reason for the denial.

What Does "custom Printed" Mean?

All DBH Collective products are custom printed. This means that when you order them, the blanks get sent to the printer and your item is made especially for you. All custom printed products require 3-5 days of processing to allow for the printing and QA process.

My Shirts are Awesome! How Should I Wash Them?

To best preserve the life of the design, Design By Humans does recommend washing ther apparel inside out, cold or lukewarm water, gentle cycle and either tumble drying low or line drying.

How does FedEx International Mail Work?

FedEx International Mail (the standard international shipping option) is a consolidated shipping service. Packages shipped using this service are first sent to a FedEx Sort Facility in Los Angeles, California. From there, they are sorted by country and shipped to that country's local postal service for customs clearance and final delivery.

This service usually delivers in 2-4 weeks from the ship date, but can take up to 5 weeks if there are any delays in customs clearance, shipping, or final delivery. There is no international tracking for this shipping method! Once it leaves the USA, that's it until it arrives!

Again, any package shipped via the FedEx International Mail service will be delivered by your local postal service, not by FedEx.  Please check with your local postal carrier if you have questions about your package.

How is My Payment Information Stored?

Design By Humans takes your privacy and security seriously.  All payment information you select to be stored is stored using industry standard 256 bit encryption.