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Easy Canvas Prints FAQ

How Will the Canvas Hold Up Outdoors?

The unique construction and coating provide superior color gamut and resolution. Canvases are only intended for indoor use, and will resist fading if kept out of direct sunlight.

How Do I Clean My Canvas?

The canvases are quite durable and should resist most scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc. You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth. If your canvas is damaged and needs deeper cleaning you may try a damp cloth. If the canvas gets nicked and loses ink in a certain areas it can be touched up with felt-tip markers or paint.

Will My Finished Canvas Look Like the Image On My Computer Screen?

Every device screen displays images differently. Unless you have a profiled monitor, it may not display accurate colors. Every screen displays images differently and may differ from what the final printed product looks like. If your image needs dramatic color adjustments, please select our Major Retouching and let Easy Canvas Prints know you would like color correction.

What If I Am Attempting to Find Images On the Internet?

Many images online are low resolution and are not intended for printing. However, one way to filter for higher quality images is by going to the image section within the Google search engine. You would search for the item, and then click on "Show Options" and then on the left hand side choose "Large". If you're unable to locate an appropriate image, Easy Canvas Prints does offer assistance with sourcing stock images.

If I Have My Own Scanner, What Setting Should I Use?

Depending on how large the print is and how large you want to go you should scan from 800 to 2400 dpi. Be sure to crop to just the image area so that the scanner surface is not included. Some scanners include software to remove dust and scratches automatically. If you still see a lot of imperfections and spots on the digital file, you can add Minor Retouching to the order and Easy Canvas Prints will remove that.

If I Order a Gallery Wrap, is the Size I Order the Print Or the Finished Product?

The size you order will be what is printed and seen on the front of the canvas. Depending on the wrap option you choose (Image, Mirror, Color), this will either include your image around the edge of the canvas or not. This is mainly true with image wrap where the image is wrapped around the edges.

Are There Any Restrictions On What Type Of Photos Can Be Printed?

You can print any digital image on canvas with Easy Canvas Prints whether it be a photograph, painting or digital art. There are no restrictions on what subjects can be printed, but Easy Canvas Prints does reserve the right to refuse orders with questionable content. Per our terms of sale, you must however be the copyright owner of the image or have obtained permission for reproduction from the copyright owner.

How Do I Track My Shipment?

You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information as soon as your product(s) leave our facility. You may click on the tracking number in the e-mail to view transit details. Please note that orders with multiple items may require multiple shipments so you can expect more than one shipping confirmation e-mail.

Do Easy Canvas Prints Ship Outside the United States?

At this time, Easy Canvas Prints ships to most regions of Canada. If you have any questions on if you qualify for delivery, please contact the Customer Love Team at 1-877-858-4586, and wEasy Canvas Prints will be happy to help you!