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Ecomz FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Billing Address and Shipping Address?

The billing address is the one to which the order invoice is sent and the shipping address is the one to which the package is sent.

One order can have multiple shipping addresses but just one billing address, specifically in case of drop-shipping.

What Payment Methods Can My Customers Use?

Ecomz accepts credit card payments, cash on delivery , custom payment methods and hosted payments with paypal and checkout.

Also, Ecomz integrated with many credit card payment providers such as: checkout, netcommerce, paypal and others. they also perform many services other than payment processing, such as: card processing, currency exchange, identity verification, fraud analysis and regulatory compliance.

Where Can I Know the Product’s Image Required Size From?

The product’s image required size varies per theme; you can find the images guidelines by going to products, add product, then clicking on the tooltip placed next to the choose image thumbnail.

If I Purchased a Theme Now, Can I Change It At Later Stages?

You definitely can! just go to our themes page and select the theme with which you’d like to replace the one you’re currently using.

Careful though, pay attention to the type of image of the selected theme – landscape, portrait, square- to achieve the perfect fit, or else your products image won’t fit their container.

Can I Import My Products to the Platform?

Of course you can! to do so you’ll have to go to products, then click on the import button and fill the import excel sheet with all the required data, along with your products’ images - as instructed- then upload it.

How Do I Add a Product?

You can add your products manually or by import/export.

If you want to add your products manually, you’ll have to login to your ecomz account or register. if you don’t already have one, then click on products - you’ll need to fill the following required fields: department, category, subcategory and title.

If your products are already posted on another site you own, you can import them to your platform; just go to products, click on import, download the import sample excel sheet, fill all the required fields then upload the sheet - we’ll handle things from there!

Do I Have to Install Ecomz?

Not at all! ecomz is a cloud-based ecommerce platform, which means that it works on all operating systems and all browsers - you won’t need to install it, upgrade it nor maintain it.

What is Ecomz For?

Ecomz is an all-in-one scalable and user-friendly ecommerce platform. it will help you build your online store, grow your revenue stream and rank better on search result pages. also, it includes built-in features, add-ons, integrations and customizable themes.

With ecomz you’ll be able to sell online within minutes, set-up your online store, monitor and ship orders and accept payments.