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Equelle FAQ

Can I Return EQUELLE If I Am Unhappy With It?

EQUELLE wants you to be happy with EQUELLE. EQUELLE offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Simply give EQUELLE a call at 1-866-EQUELLE, and they will take care of you.

When Will My Equelle Order Arrive?

It takes 2-3 days to process an order plus additional days to ship. Please allow 5-7 business days for your EQUELLE to arrive. You will receive an email upon order processing and another email once the product has been shipped.

Does Equelle Ship Internationally?

No, Equelle does not ship internationally at this time.

What are Your Shipping Rates Of Equelle?

EQUELLE shipping is always free inside the contiguous US and $5.99 for any order shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Is Equelle Safe to Take? are There Any Side Effects?

There are no known common side effects of Equelle. In general, taking botanicals or plant-based supplements may result in possible gastrointestinal upset. If you are experiencing any adverse effects, Equelle will recommend discontinuing product use and consulting your physician or healthcare professional.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

In clinical trials, women saw results in as few as 4 weeks, with optimal results in 8 to 12 weeks.

Should I Avoid Any Foods, Supplements, Or Medications While On Equelle?

EQUELLE is safe to take with other foods, supplements, and over-the-counter or prescription medications and will not negatively interact with them. However, EQUELLE should not be taken if you have a soy allergy or sensitivity. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications and/or hormone therapy (HT), you should consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.

Does EQUELLE Contain Phytoestrogens?

Yes. EQUELLE's active ingredient, S-equol, is derived from soy germ, which is rich in soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavones share a similar structure to human estrogen, which classifies them a phytoestrogen or plant-based estrogen.

How Does Equelle Work?

S-equol, EQUELLE’s active ingredient, is structurally similar to estrogen and can mimic some of its actions in the body, helping to alleviate some symptoms off decreasing estrogen levels during menopause.

How Much Soy Does Equelle Contain?

During the fermentation process, only small trace amounts of soy compounds remain in the final EQUELLE product. These amounts are significantly less than those present in a single serving of most common soy foods ( i.e. 1 oz of soybeans / 3 oz of tofu).

Is the Active Ingredient In Equelle Also Found In Foods?

The active ingredient in Equelle is S-equol. Trace amounts of S-equol are found in animal based foods (i.e. dairy and egg products) due to the fact it’s produced by gut bacteria in animals. Richer food sources of S-equol include popular and traditional fermented tofu products in Taiwan known as chou-doufu. S-equol has also been added to some food bars in the US.

What are the ingredients in EQUELLE?

The ingredients in EQUELLE are: Fermented Soy Germ (S-equol source), Cellulose Gel, Calcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Sorbitol, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Silicate, Croscarmellose Sodium, Organic Coating (Tapioca Maltodextrin, Sunflower Lecithin, Palm Oil, Guar Gum). 

The active ingredient in EQUELLE is S-equol, a naturally derived compound of the soy isoflavone daidzein that is produced through the fermentation of soy germ. This molecule naturally occurs in the gut of some women after eating soy, and may result in fewer hot flashes† for menopausal women. It is structurally similar to estrogen, and mimics some, but not all, estrogenic activities.