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Etoren FAQ

Does Etoren Ship to PO BOX?

To ensure your orders arrive safely Etoren does not ship to PO Boxes. Please use a residential or office address to which Etoren can ship your order.

Does Etoren Offer Any Self-pickup Options?

No, Etoren doesn't offer this option for now.

How Can I Check What is Status Of My Delivery After Paying?

You may check your order status online with details provided to you on the website of assigned shipping company. It is updated regularly by the shipping company to show you where your order is at any moment.

How Do I Know If My Order Has Been Confirmed Or If It Has Been Delivered?

When your order is confirmed you will get informed via email about the shipping details i.e. shipping company and the tracking number. You will be able to track your parcel on the website of the assigned shipping company. In case you have any difficulty in getting touch with the shipping company, Etoren is always here to assist you. 

What are the Supported Shipping Methods?

Depending on the country, Etoren will assign the most ideal option for that route to ensure that your order gets delivered to you at the earliest time with the most economical price. Etoren will select shipping partners based on evaluation of speed, rates, reliability, customer service etc. to ensure the best shipping solution possible. Currently, Etoren works with many established shipping partners such as Fedex, DHL etc.

Which Countries Can Etoren Ship To?

Etoren is able to arrange shipment to worldwide destinations, more than 50 countries all over the world. Etoren try their best to deliver the shipment to your country as long as the destination country does not restrict the import of your goods and the duties/taxes (if applicable) are accepted by you. 

Some countries have additional conditions of quantity, value, product type and other restrictions which could limit the possibility of Etoren to accept your placed order.

Why is My Paypal Or Credit Card Payment Rejected?

For Paypal, please check that you have a local Paypal account when making a purchase using Paypal on website. However please note that while most international Paypal accounts are accepted by Paypal in your purchasing countries, some accounts may be restricted depending on security verifications through Paypal. 

In case of credit card and Paypal payment failure, it could be mostly due to unconfirmed security verification. Please directly contact Paypal or your bank and they should be able to resolve the issues upon verifying your identity.

When Will My Card Be Charged and How Can I Know If My Payment Was Successful Or Fail?

Your card will only be pre-authorized at check out and you will not be charged until we confirm shipping. Etoren will send you an email notification of shipping details together with Payment confirmation. Your card will only be charged at this point.

What is Cash On Delivery?

With Cash On Delivery payment method, you can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receipt of your order. Etoren does not accept cheques or credit card on delivery.  

NOTE: Cash On Delivery option might not be available for some countries.

Which Payment Methods Does Etoren Offer?

To bring you the best online shopping experience, Etoren offers multiple payment methods: 

  • Cash On Delivery (Not available for all countries) 
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paypal

Why Am I Requested to Submit Identification After Placing Order?

Etoren requests customers who are buying from Etoren for the first time to submit their proofs of identification at times due to security policy. You will only be informed of the details if it is necessary.

Can I Call Etoren to Place an Order?

For security purpose, Etoren does not accept any order over the phone. Customers can place order through easy-to-use website. If you face any difficulties in using site, please drop Etoren an email and Etoren will assist you by giving you detailed instructions on how to place your order online.